Pattaya Baht Buses

If you not up for the motorbike then why not hop on one of the Pattaya Baht Buses (AKA Songtaews). You will see these blue pick ups all over Pattaya. Songtaew literally means ‘two rows’ in reference to the benches in the back. Most Pattaya Baht Buses run around on fix routes like buses and a journey doesn’t cost any more than 20thb for anywhere in the city (just hand the driver your money and walk away).

You can book Pattaya Baht Buses to pick you up from your hotel or home for a bit more, but not much. Travelling by Pattaya Baht Buses is by far the cheapest way to navigate the city.

   Flexible Terms
   Fully Secured by Property
   Regular Returns Options

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