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Pattaya Beaches

Pattaya Beach

Pattaya Beach

While most beaches rely simply on the beauty of their natural surroundings for their charm, Pattaya Beach ‘a 4km crescent-shaped sandy bay goes all out to give visitors everything their hearts desire. As abundant as sun, sand and sea along this bustling palm-fringed stretch, are superb hotels, value-for-money shopping malls and market stalls, a huge variety of restaurants, endless sports and leisure activities, and, of course, the bars and discos that have earned it its raucous reputation.

The result? Not only the perfect place to let the world pass by, but also one of the world’s most energetic beach resorts, a happening place buzzing with modern-day energy, activity and options.


Jomtien Beach

The Jomtien Beach is located about 2kms from the centre of Pattaya. This beach and the surrounding area is ever popular among swimmers and water sports enthusiasts because of its long straight coastline and because there are fewer boats anchored in the area. There are many top quality hotels, condominium complexes, guest houses and restaurants. There is a wealth of deckchair vendors so you can sit and have a bite to eat and cold beverage. Water sports available along Jomtien Beach include; windsurfing, jet skiing, parasailing, banana boating, kite surfing and water skiing.

Jomtien Beach is longest beach in Chonburi province. The beach is quieter than Pattaya beach so if you are looking for somewhere slightly more relaxing this is the place for you.

Cosy Beach

Situated in a tranquil little bay between Pattaya and Jomtien is Pattayas Cosy Beach. Nestled at the bottom of a small cliff, Pattaya’s Cosy Beach is accessible via steps down the cliff side. If you are visiting Pattaya Cosy Beach for the first time you could easily drive past it without noticing, just keep an eye open for the neatly manicured gardens on the cliff top, they directly overlook the Beach.

The sand on Cosy Beach is quite coarse but well maintained and clean. Cosy Beach is definitely one of the cleanest beaches in Pattaya.

Wongamat Beach

The northernmost tip of Second Road, where it meets North Pattaya Road at Dolphin Roundabout, marks the end of Pattaya Bay and the start of Nakluea. The name means ‘salt fields’, in reference to the predominant occupation of the area before the rise of tourism- salt farming.

Today, it still has remnants of a village, with a few old houses, narrow streets, traditional shops, temples and fishing piers. Slowly that is changing, with many condominium blocks in the area, and lots of hotels and restaurants. The area’s most distinctive features are definitely its small intimate beaches, including Wongamat and Nakluea Beach. This is where you will find the spectacular outdoor architectural museum, The Sanctuary of Truth. With Pattaya largely dedicated to single travellers and couples on package tours, Nakluea makes a great alternative for families.

Bangsaen Beach

Owned and managed by the Royal Thai Navy this 1km stretch of sand is a popular spot with Thai natives and tourists alike. The navy tend to the beach on a daily basis so it is immaculately clean.

There is a swathe of restaurants and bars so when on your tour, this is an opportunity to kick back and relax.

Na Jomtien

This 3 km stretch of sand south of Jomtien in the sub district of Na Jomtien is unlike most beaches in Pattaya because it has many resorts situated on the beach, unlike Pattaya and Jomtien there is no busy road between the resort and the beach. Na Jomtien Beach is probably more comparable to Koh Samet than it is to Pattaya, the beach itself could be best described as extension of Jomtien Beach without the road and promenade but a little wider in most parts.

There are several resorts on Na Jomtien Beach, including the Pinnacle Resort, Baramie Residence, The Ambassador, Dor Shada and Botany Beach Resort. Besides the resorts there are beach bars, restaurants, massage parlours, kite boarding, wind surfing and tattoo parlours. A river estuary and fishing village border the northern point of Na Jomtien Beach, at the southern end it is bordered by the Ocean Marina Yacht Club.

Koh Lan Beaches

They all feature white sands and beautiful clear water that is never cold, no matter when you dip your toes in. There are no sudden shocks to the system due to freezing water when you get to waist level either. The water is simply divine and wonderful for swimming, snorkelling and paddling with the kids. Every beach appears to have deckchairs for hire, shower facilities and restaurants. Beverages including beers and soft drinks are never far away but you can of course take your own food and partake in a picnic but you miss out on some the excellent fresh seafood and other culinary delights on offer, should you do so. Some beaches offer accommodation for those of you who wish to stay longer than the last ferry or speedboat back to the mainland. Getting to and from the island is covered in another article but it is simple enough either by ferry or speedboat. So on to the beaches.


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I was left stunned

I was left stunned

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