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Have you ever had a real massage before? How about an authentic Thai Pattaya massage? There is nothing more sense-aligning than a full-on Thai massage. If you visited Paris, you would automatically go and see the Eifel Tower. You simply cannot visit Thailand without taking advantage of one of their mind and body bending massage treatments. Even if you are not really that interested, what is the point of visiting a place such as Thailand without sampling their unique hospitality. It would be ride not to! Let us at Love Pattaya give you the lowdown on how to get your massage on in the city.

Thai Massage

If you have never heard of Thai massage treatments before, it’s probably because you have no ears! Known as one of the most famous massage treatments on the planet, a Thai massage might be a very firm and rigorous procedure, but it really does hit the spot. This is the ideal solution for those who need to iron out some crimps or need loosening up a little. You can get a Thai massage in almost every massage shop on the street side, on the beach, in world-class spas or even in sports and wellness centers across the city.

Pattaya Massage Shops

You will see a massage shop more often than a 7/11. A two-minute walk in the city and you have probably walked by 20 massage shops already. These little and local shops usually have the staff sitting outside trying to call you in for a groping. Inside you will find lots of massage bays, both open in the shop and private booths. Although these small massage shops can be hit and miss in terms of quality, you can most definitely get a Thai massage and/or an oil massage, but be warned that you might also be offered ‘extras’ in these kind of establishments, which might be a good thing if that’s what you want!

Pattaya Spas

The city is home to some high-end world-class spas that are top-notch and reputable establishments that concentrate on health and wellness. These venues are a true spa-like experience with stylish interiors and relaxing atmospheres. If you are looking for a real massage for a sports injury or are looking for rejuvenation or replenishment and treatments such as Reiki, these are the establishments to visit for an authentic massage experience in Pattaya.


Best Massage and Spas in Pattaya

One of the first things that you associate with Thailand in massage. Luckily, Pattaya has some excellent massage and spa complexes that can be found in all corners of the city. Thailand is perhaps best known for traditional massages, those that are now referred to as ‘Thai massage’ along with head, shoulder and foot massages. As time has evolved, oil massage has increased in popularity amongst both Thais and foreigners.

Most of the traditional massage shops will offer pretty similar services which will be clearly advertised especially at some of the chains of massage such as Savanna. Usually the massage will last for one or two hours and the prices will be fairly standard. Tipping the masseuse is expected and will usually result in better service the next time that you go. The age of the girls, and some men, varies a great deal as does their standard of English. Conversation is usually limited and indeed some people find the massage so relaxing they fall asleep.

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As you travel around the city you will see some large, upmarket spas and massage venues that are extremely popular with well-off Thais. Many of these places include saunas, salons and or beauty treatments such as manicures and pedicures. In East Pattaya there are several which have swimming pools and are excellent places to spend a relaxing day out. These types of venue offer strictly massages as should not be confused with venues offering extras.

There are lots of smaller massage shops around Pattaya, in fact you will only have to travel a few metres before you come across one. Some of these shops are very high quality and considerably cheaper than the larger venues. In most cases the massage therapists will have received formal training and are very adept and professional. Some massage shops, particularly those found in Central Pattaya on roads located off Beach Road, you will find plenty of attractive, friendly ladies who maybe haven’t received formal training but are still extremely skilled.

As you head along 2nd Road towards North Pattaya you will see some body massage or ‘soapy’ massage venues. At these venues you will receive a body to body massage to help ease your stress. You will generally choose the girl or girls of your choice from the ‘fish bowl’ and the massage, in a private room, will last around 90 minutes. The prices are certainly higher than traditional massage shops although you will receive a more personal massage. Often there are ‘standard’ and ‘model’ girls with the latter being more expensive.

Around North Pattaya and Naklua you will also find large massage venues catering mainly for tour groups. These are popular with visitors from other parts of Asia and sometimes those who are not part of a tour group are not permitted entry. Usually, westerners choose to avoid these destinations opting for smaller shops or the upmarket larger venues depending on their own particular tastes.

Regardless of what type of massage or spa you are looking for you can be confident that you will find somewhere and someone to suit your taste. Pattaya has some of the best massage and spa venues in Thailand so why not treat yourself?