Pattaya Nightlife

It has to be amongst the best in the World. We are proud to live in this crazy town. We love it. The days are sunny and the nights are wild.

Millions of tourist flood the city every year with the aim of having the night of their experiencing the Pattaya Nightlife for their first times. Whether you want to see an agogo bar, a ping-pong show or just get your rocks off, let LOVEPATTAYA be your guide through to the Pattaya Nightlife scene.

Pattaya’s biggest and most infamous area of town has to be the world famous Walking Street, know as the epicenter of the Pattaya nightlife scene. This half kilometre ribbon of tarmac is home to over 400 Bars, agogo clubs and strip joints. The streets are line with hundreds of girls trying there best to entice you in with a wiggle and a smile. The choice is vast and the selection is varied. Walking Street is a good starting point for people new to town who want to see what Pattaya is all about.

If you are looking to experience the Pattaya Nightlife scene, somewhere where the party never stops, then you have to consider spending a few nights at LK Metro Pattaya This L-Shaped Soi is packed full of Strip clubs and bars with many venues staying open 24 hours a day! So if you fancy a spot of breakfast then go catch a skin show at 8am, No problem. LK Metro Pattaya is part of the Soi Buakhao area of town which is less touristy and full of restaurants, sports bars and pubs.

Still not enough?
If you want the most crazy, balls-out party in town then why not take a trip down to Pattaya Soi 6. Pattaya Soi 6 is home to some truly mad bars. It’s not a particularly long road but it is full of girls who are not shy to grab you and try and drag you in to one of their bars. This ones for the open minded and experienced Pattaya man or woman. Pattaya Soi 6 also features a lot of ladyboy bars with shows going on throughout the day. It’s also quite funny to take a newbie down Soi 6 just to see the look on there face! Until recent years Soi 6 had been a place to visit in the afternoon’s rather than the evenings. Now though, we are happy to mention that Soi 6 Pattaya Nightlife is buzzing ALL NIGHT LONG!!!

The Darkside is the name given to East Pattaya. This is anything that sits on the far side of the train tracks and it is home to some of the best gentleman clubs in town. Opening times are usually around lunchtime and some have as many as 20 girls working inside! The Darkside is well off the beaten track and tourists never really get to see it.

LOVEPATTAYA reckons that everybody should know about it. It is way less intense over there and you can actually sit down, relax and chat away to the girls.

There are bars scattered around the whole of Pattaya city with plenty to explore. Please contact us for information on the very best deals at the most popular bars in Pattaya we always look forward to reading your mail. If you feel there is anywhere we have missed or you’ve just had a great night out, let us know!

Scroll down and you will see our Pattaya Nightlife categories- from Agogo Bars to Live Music venues there’s something for everyone. Enjoy!



Walking Street


Walking Street is the unrivalled epicentre of Pattaya nightlife, packed with hundreds of neon-lit bars, nightclubs and strip joints

LK Metro


LK Metro in Pattaya is an L-shaped Soi connecting Soi Buakhao to Soi Diana. This ‘mini Walking Street’ is a popular nightspot amongst expats.

Soi 6 Pattaya


Soi 6 Pattaya is straight up crazy. By far the wildest street in Pattaya with more than 80 bars and hundreds of girls fighting for your attention


There is a huge expat population in East Pattaya, seldom visited by tourists the immigrants have made The Darkside their own.

Soi Diamond


For those of you who don’t know where Soi Diamond is – where have you been?Soi Diamond is located between Walking Street and Pattaya 2nd Road.

Soi 7 Pattaya


Some of the classic beer bars still thrive down this soi with the addition of a couple of really nice coyote bars and agogos.


A very popular area for many of the expats living here and also popular with the British long term holiday makers with a lot of good English bars around

Pattaya Agogo Bars


It all began back in the Sixties when weary American Soldiers would come to the small fishing town of Pattaya, on leave from fighting in the Vietnam War.

Pattaya Beer Bars


Pattaya Beer Bars are probably the best places to meet girls and make some new friends, most bars come with a free pool table but don’t expect to win

Pattaya Coyote Bar


How many hot blooded males have been to coyote bars in Pattaya and struggled to take their eyes off the beauties that are dancing before them? The answer – the majority!


Not only are we blessed with some great Agogo bars on Walking Street but we also have an abundance of nightclubs and discos

Pattaya Gentlemans Clubs


Offering the height of discretion, gentlemen’s clubs are one of the best kept secrets in Pattaya. For those looking for adult entertainment behind closed doors

Pattaya Pubs & Taverns


The Best Sunday roast dinners are found in these establishments as is the best selection of draft imported beers, ales, ciders & larger’s!

Pattaya Sports Bars


All sports bars come equipped with walls covered in flat screen TVs, which show a multitude of sports simultaneously.

Pattaya Pool Halls


Unless its a competition, the Pattaya pool halls will rent you there tables for a set hourly fee. Normally between 100 – 150 B per hour.

Ladyboy Bars Pattaya


Arguably Pattayas most famous residents, ladyboys or Katoey aren’t to everybody’s taste but they are undeniably beautiful

Live Music Bars Pattaya


Tired of the same old dance and hip hop music the many bars are so fond of playing? Maybe a change of venue is in order. Check out these live music bars.

Pool Clubs and Bars


Looking to relax by the swimming pool for the afternoon while sipping on a few ice cold beverages? Check out these pool bars & Clubs