Pattaya Pool Halls

Playing pool & snooker has become increasingly popular in South East Asia and in Thailand it’s no exception!

The local Thais are avid pool fans and as a result there are many Pattaya pool halls scattered throughout Pattaya. Some of the larger pool halls host regular pool competitions once or twice a week, giving the regular customers a chance to show off their skills and possibly winning some sweet prizes. These competitions generally offer cash prizes for the winners and runners-up. Prize money regularly exceeds 5000thb just for placing in the top 3.

Pool competitions are a great way to meet other Pool enthusiasts holidaying or living in Pattaya and any keen player should consider checking them out. Be warned though, if your lucky enough or talented enough to reach the final stages of the competition that they can sometimes last until the early hours of the morning.

The better equipped Pattaya Pool halls will have there own attendants on each table who will rack balls and order drinks and food on your behalf. These high end Pool halls will generally have multiple pool tables available to rent with each table immaculately maintained and serviced making sure the table always run’s straight and true.

Unless its a competition, the Pattaya pool halls will rent you there tables for a set hourly fee. Normally between 100 – 150 B per hour.

Please check out our favourite Pattaya Pool halls in Pattaya below…



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