Pattaya Taxis

The Pattaya Baht Bus Consortium has exclusive rights for Baht Buses and metered taxis in Pattaya. The taxis are blue and yellow and have official City Hall registration and meters. However, when you get in a blue and yellow taxi you will soon find yourself negotiating the price for where you want to go! It seems the meters aren’t commonly used… It’s highly recommended that you always negotiate the fare cost before you get in and begin your journey. Official taxis can be picked up from designated pick up points such as Central Festival on Beach Road and other main shopping centres and tourist destinations pattaya taxi. Also, in less busy areas you can flag a taxi down for hire.

The blue and yellow taxis have been in operation in Pattaya since 2007 and are a regulated service, even if the fares charged aren’t! All drivers have carry and display ID so are a safe way to travel around the city. All taxis have air conditioning too. Average taxi fares in Pattaya are 2 to 3 times higher than in Bangkok, where they do use their meters! Pattaya is a hot, beach tourist destination, so the locals tend to charge tourist prices!

There are also many other regulated and unregulated taxis for private hire. It’s always best to use official services, but other regulated companies and drivers can be a good and cost effective choice, especially when taking a taxi to Suvarnbhumi International Airport. When choosing such a service recommendation is the way to go or simply use the official, safest option. A single journey airport run costs from around 1,500 Baht, depending on which service you hire. This includes all toll gate costs.

For cheaper and relatively safe travel the Baht Bus is the favourite tourist option. Journeys can cost as little as 10 Baht on official routes. If you hire a Baht Bus, as known locally as a Sogthaew, expect similar prices to a private hire taxi. And remember, always negotiate price first as it’s really not worth getting into an embarrassing argument after your journey ends!