Pool Clubs and Bars in Pattaya

Pattaya is a city where fun really is central to its success and popularity and one of the many ways to have fun and relax here is at one the many pool clubs and bars that are situated around the city.

There aren’t many places in the World where regular guys get the opportunity to relax around or in a swimming pool in the company of gorgeous ladies who quite frankly wouldn’t look out place on a catwalk or in a glossy magazine. In Pattaya we are lucky, if we want that we can have it almost every day!

Of course these pool clubs and bars have lots to offer, far beyond just pretty girls. Many of these venues are excellent places to go with a group of friends to have a few drinks, listen to great sounds and perhaps enjoy some excellent food. There are many of these types of bar around the city so it is highly likely that you will have one close to you.



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