When it comes to investing, even in any form, there are lots of options that are available. Some however are only to high-net worth investors whilst others are more generally available. Property, for example, is something that most people wish to invest in but there are always practical issues, not least the cost. Pool Investment Options are a fantastic way for those who maybe aren’t high-net worth investors to own an interest in investment property.

Property has long since been a popular investment vehicle, tried and trusted, something that is seen as both physical and tangible. It seems that due to the fact the supply of land is finite and the demand for property is seemingly infinite, prices have risen alarmingly globally and continue to do so. In many ways this is what attracts investors, the opportunity for solid and stable value and to gain a form of regular income.

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Pooled Investment Options allow investors to own a share, or a smaller percentage of a property or properties. Investors can often join schemes for as little as US$5,000 whilst gaining access to the benefits outlined above. This opens new horizons and opportunities for investors who had previously been unable to add property to their investment portfolios. Returns of between 5% p.a. and 7% p.a. are quite attainable – all for very low-risk.

Of course there are literally hundreds of these types of investment available, many taking on different guises. This brings with it other complications such as which type of scheme you should invest in, in some cases the skill of the investment managers, and whether the scheme is capable of delivering the results that you are looking for. Funds that claim to give guaranteed returns of 15% p.a. possibly can’t deliver that and are usually high risk. Most property investors are risk adverse, so these schemes are best avoided.

There is one scheme that has recently been launched that did catch the eye. The scheme is a collaboration with Emerging Trends Advisors (ETA) and the New Nordic Group. It is based in Thailand and gives investors the opportunity to get GUARANTEED returns of 7% NET p.a. with initial investments from as low as THB200,000.

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The returns for this particular scheme are paid on a monthly basis, on the 5 th of every calendar month. The returns are backed and paid by the New Nordic Group, who for the past decade have paid investors on time, every time, so investors can be very confident that they will receive their monthly payment. The security is charged on 98 completed units, once again proving that the scheme is low-risk and soundly backed.

It is a long-term investment, 15 years to be precise ,when there will be a buy back. This makes the scheme particularly attractive to those living in Thailand who are perhaps looking for additional, long-term income streams in the country. The returns can be included for visa purposes which add to the attraction for long-term residents.

The partnership is also well-established with ETA having a team of experienced, specialist advisors who have worked in Thailand and around the world for a number of years. The company concentrates solely on property based investments so are well versed in Pool Investments Options and rental guarantee concepts.

So, if you are looking to invest upwards of THB200,000, the ETA and New Nordic Group Pooled Investment appears to be the right investment for you.

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