Popular Street Foods That Must Be Tried

Pattaya is famous for its wonderful array of nightlife, with its fantastic range of Go-Go bars and night clubs, sensual girls, parading in bikinis outside bars to lure customers in and not forgetting the large transgender population, known as ladyboys and the entertainment associated with them.

It offers wonderful shopping malls, superb water parks and a never-ending list of popular tourist attractions.

It is also renowned for its food, with thousands of restaurants catering for Chinese, European, Greek, Indian, Italian, Thai and many more nationalities. However – you cannot visit Pattaya or indeed Thailand, without sampling their delicious street cuisine.

Give your taste buds a treat as vendors prepare and cook delicious visual delights right in front of your eyes. The aromas will have captured your attention as you approach the stalls, as the flavours beckon you to purchase a taste of authentic Thailand.

Below are a few that we recommend you should try:

Pad Thai

One of the most popular dishes served by street vendors in and around the city. This culinary delight consists of stir-fried noodles, tofu, tamarind and shrimp. Pad Thai may be accompanied by other meats or vegetables, making it a highly adaptable meal, where anything can be added to suit the customer.

Khao Gang

Stir-fried curried rice, with either vegetables or meat or indeed both, stacked on top, and you have another popular dish, which is cheap and tasty. You will find this offering in most areas of the city. Highly recommended.

Kai Jeow

Another bargain, which will not only save you money but fill the void in your tummy. A fluffy on the inside, crisp on the outside, Thai omelette, placed upon a bed of soft rice and either flavoured with fish sauce or chillies. Kai Jeow is found throughout the city and is Thai cuisine in its simplistic form.

Moo Ping

Found in almost every market and street corner where vendors ply their trade. This grilled pork is served on a wooden skewer with a portion of sticky rice and the chef’s own sauce. You may see various forms of meat on skewers, such as flat chicken, basted in marinades before being cooked slowly, for a tender, delicious snack.

Som Tam

Most people refer to this as “Papaya Salad”, which is very popular with the local people. But be warned, this is one spicy baby. It contains raw papaya, dried seafood, peanuts, tomatoes, beans, carrots, garlic, lime, fish sauce and that vital ingredient – chillies. The items are placed in a wooden bowl and pounded with a wooden instrument, before being served. You need a high tolerance of hot spicy food if you are to sample this amazing culinary offering. Not for the faint hearted.

There is a great diverse range of food on offer across the city. Visit any market and you will see for yourself, fresh squid, frogs, seafood, pork, chicken and an incredible array of fruit and vegetables on sale.

You may see insects, cooked to a crisp or even scorpions on sticks on a vendors barrow, again, classed as delicacies.

Thailand’s street vendors offer some of the tastiest dishes known to man and are world famous, typically in Bangkok. But Pattaya has a superb range just waiting for you to enjoy.

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  1. JACK

    Love Thai food have eaten all of the above although not to spicey Pappaya salad.

  2. Whit

    Som Tam is wonderful. I ask for “pet nit noi (neat noy), which means a little bit spicy. The vendor will likely show you two red chili’s and look for your approval. If you’re new to it, I’d nod and say yes. I like 4. Natives have 10, or fewer if they are large.