Preparing for a Trip to Australia with Thai National? – What you need to do!

Preparing for a Trip Out of Thailand to Australia – What should be done within 3 months of departure?


As a first trip it is wise to travel with a tourist visa, and not rushing too quickly in applying for a provisional marriage visa.

It is a good idea to establish a good travel record for the Thai National to show that she is abiding by the rules of her visa. Firstly it is good for her to show the Thai government she is not fleeing from Thailand and secondly it shows the Australian government a more steady engagement period.

As a tourist she will not be able to work, however she will be able to experience Australian culture and all that it entails in order to one day settle in Australia as your life partner.

Visa Application Documents

The process of gathering all the necessary documentation should have begun 6 months before travelling, and now with 3 months to go all the documents and translations should be ready.

Form 1419thai is in English and Thai and needs to be filled in very meticulously as one mistake can lead to refusal. The sponsor letter should be included with the application of this form.

Sponsor Letter

For more detail see the article, what to do 6 months before travel.

Basically the sponsor letter needs to include 3 paragraphs; i) personal details, ii) relationship details iii) financial status of sponsor

Documentary proof of relationship

By now you should have a good record of your communication, phone records, facebook messages, photographs, and so on showing a genuine relationship

Proof of funds for Thai National

Proof of funds in a Thai bank account is needed and it is best to check with the Thai Embassy the exact requirements at the time of application. She should at this stage have had a Thai bank account for at least 3 months, the Thai government wish to see that she has some financial back up for her return.


The visa will be placed in the passport so hopefully at this stage she will have her passport.


Current passport photos need to be within the last 3 months.


Although it is not a requirement for the approval of the visa, it is a good idea to have travel insurance in place, ensuring that you can cancel or postpone the policy if there is a problem obtaining the visa.

Proof of Accommodation

Again see what to do 6 months before. You will need written evidence of your option of where to stay, your own place, friends or family place, temporary accommodation or hotel.


You will need proof of previous routine vaccinations such as

• Measles, mumps & rubella

• Tetanus


• Polio

• Chicken pox

Now at 3 months prior it is a good time to double check which vaccines you may need depending on where you are going in Australia and what you will be doing. Now is the time to book an appointment with a doctor for advice on vaccines with regard to your particular trip and planned activity.


By now your flights should already be booked, if not then do so immediately.

Customs and Quarantine

Any medication needed should be by way of prescribed medicine and not anything from the pharmacy without a doctor’s prescription. Pets should not be an issue on this type of tourist trip, however if you are leaving a pet dog Pattaya does have a dog hotel called Border Jack Dog Resort where your dog can stay in a kennel with either air conditioning or fan depending on your dog’s needs.

Importing a pet to Australia is covered in the relocation to Australia guidance notes.

Cash and bank cards do not carry any penalty, however, anything over $10,000 AUD in cash or travellers cheques or equivalent in any currency will require a tariff or penalty.

Preparation for Culture Shock

Australians are not well known for their warmth and openness in accepting Thai visitors and may not seem friendly at first meeting. If your partner enjoys cooking it is a good idea to begin using western ingredients and recipes a few months before. Try different dishes to ensure you can enjoy your food together, you don’t want to find you are living on instant noodles! Thai culture very much revolves around food and they will often ask you if you have had your lunch yet.

Now is also a good time to begin looking to find out where the Asian supermarkets and restaurants are in your home town. Look out for other Asian cuisines such as Indian, Japanese and Chinese as these are easier on the Thai digestion. Look forward to shopping in the local markets for fresh produce rather than supermarket shopping, Thai people prefer to find fresh seasonal goods in this way.

Even things like Thai massage can help ease the transition from Thailand to Australia, so finding out where you can go for treatment is a good idea.

You can also look into finding the nearest temple so she can continue with her Buddhist rituals if she so wishes.

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