Read in Thailand, Read about Thailand

Need an inspiration for your trip to Thailand? Or, being an expat and local dweller, just want to take a fresh look? The book is the man’s best friend – anytime and anywhere. Here is Love Pattaya`s short-list for your home reading.


Chronicle of Thailand, William Warren and Nicholas Grossman
The history of Thailand during the rule of King Bhumibol Adulyadej. The development, events, achievements, and difficulties are all gathered together.

A History of Thailand, Chris Baker and Pasuk Phongpaichit
A lively, highly readable account of the three centuries of the country’s history by a Bangkok-based husband-and-wife team of scholars. A lot of interesting, unexpected, and unknown facts.

Read in Thailand, Read about Thailand


Lonely Planet Thailand
Even if nowadays Lonely Planet has become somewhat kitsch, it still remains arguably the most detailed and helpful guidebook for a journey all over the country and in all price ranges.

Very Thai, Philip Cornwall-Smith
Colourful essays on Thailand quirks are not a classic guidebook, but they definitely evoke an irresistible desire to see it all with your own eyes.


The Beach, Alex Garland
A travelling backpacker’s story, familiar to many thanks to its sensational screening. The biggest surprise is that the setting is not laid on a Phi-Phi-Lei island shown in the movie.

Read in Thailand, Read about Thailand

Bangkok 8, John Burdett
One of several thrilling detective stories by a British crime novelist about the lustre and dangers of the modern Thai capital.


Many Lives (Lai Chiwit), Kukrit Pramoj
Short stories about the life in modern Thailand through the eyes of a Thai politician and scholar, a member of the Thai royal family, and a writer.

Lioness in Bloom: Modern Thai Fiction about Women
The collection of short stories by different Thai women writers brought together and translated by Susan Fulop Kepner gives an idea of the role of a woman in Thailand.

Read in Thailand, Read about Thailand


Platform, Michel Houellebecq
The novel was greatly criticized for ‘incitement of racial and religious hatred’; however, behind the sexual and sentimental plotline the global problems of personal loneliness are hidden.

Private Dancer, Stephen Leather
A chilling story resembling a reportage about the dark world of Bangkok’s go-go girls.

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