Recording conversation history for UK/Australian visas

When applying for a UK or Australian visa for your Thai wife or girlfriend it is important to keep a record of your conversation history over all media; email, Facebook, Skype chat, Whatsapp etc.

Most visas are given on the merits of the relationship, so both the UK and Australian Embassies want to see that you have been keeping in touch during your times apart from each other. Recording conversation history for UK/Australian visas is vital as this shows an ongoing relationship whilst the foreigner partner is overseas.

Technology has overtaken the need to pay for calls so keeping the records is more important so as technology moves forward so your mind set should do also.

Keeping in touch with your Thai girlfriend or Thai partner should be recorded and backed up in case you have a need to obtain a visa in the future as the relationship to the Embassy official is more important than most of the extra documents you will supply.

Free chat users like LINE, Whatsapp, Skype and Viber are the most common and can be tracked using the correct software and making sure you do not lose any records. You can get records of these for free so if you follow the links on the various company’s websites you can retrieve your records.

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