Refused UK Visa Procedure

Refusal of a UK visa, either a UK tourist visa or a UK settlement visa can be extremely distressing and shouting at the Embassy or emailing your distress to them is not helpful. Even if you disagree with the decision it is far better to remain calm and look at the actual reasons for refusal because the Embassy Officials are obliged to state why the visa has been refused.

The main reasons for refusal of visa are as follows;

  • Missing documents
  • Poor presentation
  • Lack of knowledge
  • Thai documentation incorrect
  • Wrong wording of the sponsorship letter
  • Mistakes on the application form
  • Dressing inappropriately when submitting the visa application form

There are many reasons for refusal of visa, and many people are attempting this procedure without adequate knowledge of how to go about this.

Immigration into countries such as the UK, Ireland and Australia is not easy and getting even more difficult as time goes on.

Under Immigration laws paragraph reference number will relate to the reason for the refusal, for example;

HC395 means you can reapply but must give it some time and professional attention

HC370(A) means the British Embassy officer feels that a document is false or fraudulent and your next visa application will be scrutinized

HC370(B) normally means you been caught out issuing false information and hence normally banned from reapplying for 10 years

If you are refused a visa you really should contact a visa consultant such as Love Pattaya Law to appeal against the decision as it can get more difficult as you face the problem of proving your credibility second time round.

Better still, right from the start consult a visa expert !

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