Romanasia is a Russian & European restaurant in Pratumnak

Every now and then I want to escape from the madness of Central Pattaya and look for something new to experience, enjoy and consequently write about.

I stumbled on Romanasia by accident, my intention was to visit the Russian night market in Soi 6 Pratumnak but I arrived a little early only to find they had not fully set up yet. we were wandering aimlessly down Soi 6 and saw the big Romanasia sign pointing to the right, the name appealed to me so we walked down Moo 12 to investigate.

The restaurant is situated inside the hotel and you cross a little bridge over the swimming pool to enter. We found ourselves is quite a pleasant room with a nice bar where we sat and enjoyed a couple of ice cold beers before enjoying an early dinner.

It was rather early on a Tuesday evening and apart from us there were only four other people in the restaurant. This suited me fine as I was in the mood for a quiet peaceful meal and a discussion with my friend on the coming Australian football competition which is due to commence in 3 weeks.

Romanasia is a Russian & European restaurant in Pratumnak

There was a good selection of international beers at B80 each, I polished off a couple of Asahi and my friend Larry knocked over two bottles of Heineken. The background music was excellent and didn’t intrude on our important football conversation.

Our next task was to peruse the menu, sadly we were too late for their afternoon lunch special which consists of three courses for an incredible B220 available between 2pm and 5 pm.

However we got a nice surprise when we ordered a glass each of Italian red wine, our friendly waitress said “you are very lucky, today we have a special, two glasses for the price of one”.

Now that was music to my ears, and what made it even more enjoyable were the generous servings in excellent large long stem wine glasses.

Romanasia is a Russian & European restaurant in Pratumnak

I wasn’t very hungry so I settled on the home made dumplings which were excellent. Larry ordered the Beef Stroganoff with mashed potatoes and left nothing on his plate for cat.

We will most certainly return when we are next in this area to sample more from their very extensive and inexpensive menu.

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Written by David Herd
the FiveStarVagabond

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