In Search of an Ideal Burger

Love for burgers has conquered the hearts worldwide and does not give up its positions even in the age of enthusiasm for detox and healthy food. Love Pattaya Thailand went out to check the situation on Pattaya burger market. And we have some good news: there is enough choice there!

Punch & Judy

Featuring: a British version of burgers in the darkness of a cosy pub.

In an authentic atmosphere of a venue from the Foggy Albion homemade 200gr burgers are served with fresh coleslaw and lettuce & chips. Go for the beef and horseradish burger (140) or bone ham and English mustard one (125). Wednesdays meal deal includes a 200gr Chicken or Beef burger, chips & San Miguel for only (175).

In Search of an Ideal Burger


Featuring: burgers with live sports on TV in the warm and hearty ambience.

You really do not want to leave Fraser’s. Mega burger with the lot (225) includes a lot – from lettuce and tomatoes to bacon strips and pineapple. There are Australian twist burgers on offer, too (185).

In Search of an Ideal Burger

The Coffee Club

Featuring: more than just a burger

Everything about The Coffee Club is stylish and flavoursome. Burgers are no exception. You cannot go wrong with the fully imported angus beef burger with bacon and cheese, this is one of the cleanest burgers you will find in Pattaya and possibly the nicest (340).

In Search of an Ideal Burger

Fine Cafe

Featuring: burger fill-up for the next two lives for free

Anyone able to cope with 12 slider burgers within 12 minutes gets them for free! The Fine Cafe “Slider Challange” is not for the faint-hearted, do you have what it takes?.. (799). Do you have a big mouth? Try their “1 Bite, 1 Burger Challange” eat one of their extra spicy gourmet mini burgers in one mouth and eat for free (75).

In Search of an Ideal Burger

The Sportsman Pub

Featuring: gut buster custom burgers

Looking for something a bit different? The Sportsman Pub are constantly coming up with new ideas for their gut buster burgers, from their Bacon double cheese mozzarella stick burger with French fries salad and bbq sauce (325) to the mother of all burgers the “TONG YAI” – a 450g 33% Wagyu beef patty served in a 500g burger bun with fresh salad fried onions cheddar and mozzarella, Cajun-spiced fries and BBQ sauce (475).

In Search of an Ideal Burger

News Steaks & Grill

Featuring: mouth-watering burgers in a comfortable setting

Forget Mcdonald’s or Burger King and get down to News Steaks and Grill in Jomtien to check out their new burger: Beef Burger Bearnaise – 200gr beef, served with French fries, fried onion, pineapple, cheese, bacon, cheese & bell pepper dressing and sauces (375).

In Search of an Ideal Burger

Livv Finest Food and Drinks

Featuring: the best burgers in Eastern Pattaya

Even the simplest of burgers in the elegant dining room of Livv’s feel exquisite. But there are much more complicated creations on the list! With tuna, smoked salmon, or goat cheese… All at (240).

In Search of an Ideal Burger

Laongs Bistro

Featuring: Laongs Burger Deluxe

Prime 200g beef patty cooked to your liking and served in a large bun, surrounded by seasonal salad and secret recipe dressing. Served with Chips. (355)

In Search of an Ideal Burger

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