Lovepattayathailand held another heat at Planet Earth in Jomtien on Sunday February 7 to pick four more girls to compete in the grand final in March 2016.

There were Russian & Thai babes all shaking their booties and hoping they can win the B100,000 first prize. Naturally I took lots of photos and videos, the one below is my favourite, the look on her face when she saw me filming her is absolutely priceless.

if I had to guess what our Thai lady was thinking it would be; “You are in my country now ladies, so look and learn from an expert”:

Sexy Girls Dancing At Pool Party

Above are the lovely girls dancing for the crowd, there was a mixture of Thai girls and Russians from various clubs and businesses in Pattaya. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon following one of the coldest mornings I have ever experienced in Thailand. Even the hundreds of boats that ferry Chinese tourists to Koh Larn and para-sailing were cancelled. Check out my recent blog showing Pattaya beach without the boats. 

Check out this sexy Russian babe

Sexy Girls Dancing At Pool Party

All I can say is WOW! What an incredible body and trust me folks she knew how to move it. She was one of several who work at Galaxy Cabaret in Walking St. I am told the drinks start around B400 which is way above my pay grade.

More Galaxy girls

Many tourists stop and watch the elegant ladies dancing in glass window outside the club in Walking Street, and are then greeted by a group of lovely Eastern European girls inviting them to join them. Check out the Lovepattayathailand article on the Galaxy Club here.

Enough of the Russians, where are the Thai girls.

This is certainly what I would call a triple treat. All rather gorgeous and enjoying the fun at Planet Earth Beach Club.

Girls From Taboo

Sexy Girls Dancing At Pool Party

Sexy Girls Dancing At Pool Party

Taboo Club in Walking Street consists of two main rooms. The front room features some wonderful high back comfortable chairs seating at the bar where you can watch the lovely ladies seductively dance the night away. I will be doing a blog on this upmarket establishment very soon, stay tuned.

Finally the best mover of the day.

Sexy Girls Dancing At Pool Party

Sexy Girls Dancing At Pool Party

Sexy Girls Dancing At Pool Party

I think of her as “The dancing Queen” but Ti is the name she like to use ( short for Tanya ) & she could really move. She come from a company called Kinky Dream Ink.

Thanks for visiting my “Sexy Girls Dancing At Pool Party” blog, I hope you enjoyed it.

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Written by David Herd
the FiveStarVagabond

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