Hooters took time to raise money for the children. The charity actually started way back in 1992 and have helped many children over the years.

As you can imagine in Thailand they receive no help from the government, they are totally dependent of donations so if you can help at all please visit their website here.

Video one showing sexy Hooters dancers.

Video two, she is dancing just for me.

I have one question, what time can I start having fun?

I believe these girls get paid very good money compared to similar jobs in restaurants and hotels, plus they get to keep their tips, however they really worked hard on this particular charity day. When they were not serving drinks and food they were dancing as you can see above. I’m sure by the end of the evening the poor girls would have been totally worn out.

Sexy Hooters Babes Dancing

There is no doubt in my mind who was the prettiest Hooters girl and here she is. The word pretty does not do her justice, beautiful is more appropriate.

​Video three​, shake that booty.

One of the fabulous bikes on show at Hooters in Beach Road Pattaya. Some of these monsters were absolutely fabulous, however in my mind its risking your life every time you hit the highway. Sadly Thailand has the 2nd highest road deaths per capita in the world, only war torn Libya is worse. I’m sticking with the Baht bus.

Sexy Hooters Babes Dancing

Video four, a triple treat. As I said earlier, these Hooters girls really worked their gorgeous butts off, serving drinks & food, washing the huge bikes and doing their dance routine all through the afternoon and evening.

The happy guy in the photo is Patrick from Patrick’s Steakhouse, one of my favourite Pattaya restaurants.

Sexy Hooters Babes Dancing

 It was a great day thanks to the beautiful Hooters girls and the local bikers. I really hope the BAAN JING JAI charity received a nice amount of cash to help out with their great work looking after needy Thai children. Don’t forget to help out if you can.

In Response To The Haters!
You gotta Love Pattaya, and also accept there is a large % of “knockers” living here, when I say knockers I mean the guys that love to criticize, guys like Joe Rethaired & Jack Dawson aka Greg Clee and others. Hooters is far from perfect but it’s a great addition to Beach Rd & there are some great looking friendly babes there. Perhaps it’s expensive but you “Cheap Charlies” can enjoy a latte for only B75 instead of B110 at Starbucks next door. Comparing it to Walking St? is like comparing Soi 6 to the Champs-Élysées, why the hell do you make that comparison? Hooters is what it is and I’m glad they are here, so please you will you multitude of Pattaya knockers compare apples with apples, merci beaucoup.

To check out Pattaya beach just take a look at my webcam.

Written by David Herd
the FiveStarVagabond

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