Soi Diamond

For those of you who don’t know where Soi Diamond is – where have you been?

Soi Diamond is located between Walking Street and Pattaya 2nd Road. The soi is home to some of the longest running Agogo bars in Pattaya dating back to the late 1970’s. Soi Damond was originally named after the long gone Diamond Agogo that was on the corner of Soi Diamond and 2nd Road. If you are coming along 2nd road it is the next soi after sois 14 and 15 and easy to spot.

The Soi Diamond area features some large Beer bars with some good old fashioned agogo bars around the outside. Towards the rear of the arcade there are a few more agogo bars that vary in size and stature. There are also some great little bars, restaurants and even a few small hotels there too.

The area is regarded as one of the not so hidden gems of Pattaya and the agogos offer an alternative to the more modern ones that are available on Walking Street.

As Soi Diamond is slightly off the main drag the girls can sometimes be a little ‘friendlier’ than their compatriots. This is obviously appealing to many punters and enhances their experience. Many of the agogos have been there a number of years and are well established. These establishments know what their clientele are looking for and provide this accordingly.

The area had suffered at little a few years ago but now seems to be on the up with increased investment in some of the agogos and bars which has obviously enticed the punters back. Some of the newest and best known agogos in the area include Windmill Agogo and Gentlemen’s Club Agogo but there are a few older Agogo bars in the area like Shark Pattaya and Heaven’s Above which have been attracting visitors to Sio Diamond for many years now and continue to do so today.

Soi Diamond is one of the areas that you may have missed on your trips down Walking Street so on your next visit we certainly recommend that you give it a try.



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