Songkran to me is now a festival of madness and fun. What started out many years ago as a simple sprinkling of water, which was a ritual representing purification, plus the washing away of sins & bad luck, has evolved in many parts of Thailand into one huge water fight.

Happiness & chaos

Songkran Videos Beach Rd Pattaya

Songkran Videos Beach Rd Pattaya

 Happiness chaos & Joy particularly on the faces of children and everyone involved is wonderful to witness. Beach Rd Pattaya is one of the best places to get among the action, leave your valuables and phone at home and be prepared to be soaked.

Remember you are a sitting duck on the Baht bus, there is no way to dodge the waiting crowd who throw buckets of water at every passing vehicle.

Farangs and their bazzookas

Songkran Videos Beach Rd Pattaya

The tourists will buy the biggest guns and show no mercy to anybody. Many times the lovely Thai people will let you pass if you smile and ask politely for them to spare you. The Farangs (meaning foreigner) however show no such mercy, they will do everything they can to drown you. 🙂

Beach Road Video

This is the Bacardi Breezer promotion from 2012 near Soi 3 North Pattaya, so far there have been almost 24,000 views on YouTube.

What time can we start having fun?

Well I can assure you the fun starts as soon as you step out on to the street. The festival originally is supposed to last only 2 or 3 days however Pattaya being well known as a city of excessive behavior, manage to drag out the celebration for about 9 days.

Not everybody has fun

By the look on this guys face he would rather be anywhere than here. I’m betting his girlfriend made him come along and he is far from happy about it. 🙂

At night the beat goes on.

This is the A1 hotel on Beach Road Pattaya where the party continues until the early hours of the morning.

Songkran Videos Beach Rd Pattaya

The water trucks arrive with the ammunition for the thousands of water pistols large and small. Some of the visitors rest up before the battle begins.

Songkran Video Beach Rd Pattaya

 The Naval police look very stern indeed, I think they take their duties rather seriously. Many pickups patrol the streets with huge drums of water to disperse at anybody in range.

This is my favourite Songkran photo.

In fact it is one of my all-time favourite photos in any category, for me it captures the wonderful spirit of Songkran.

To check out Pattaya beach just take a look at my webcam.

Written by David Herd
the FiveStarVagabond

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  1. Ted white

    I was there 2 weeks a go for it the best fun I ever had will be going back every year for it best place in the world . I come from Australia .i go to Pattaya ever year but not water festival time . From now on will be there songkram