Can You Spot A Ladyboy In A Crowd?

Pattaya has some stunningly beautiful ladies, which is why many tourists come to the city on holiday. Men flock here hoping to find the love of their life or just have a bit of fun for a couple of weeks.

But Pattaya is also home to many ladyboys, some which are pretty obvious and others that will have you wondering for hours on end, as to which sex they belong to.

By all all accounts, Thailand is the world’s capital for transexuals, for there are believed to be tens of thousands in the kingdom that is Thailand. Pop into any bar, visit a 7-eleven, or even go shopping in a supermarket and you are sure to see a ladyboy either working or doing the same as you are.

In the evenings, Pattaya and Jomtien beaches are teeming with ladyboys, especially after midnight and there are bars dedicated to those who wish to take a ladyboy and show her a good time. Pattaya is so easygoing, that irrespective of your sexuality, whether you are gay, lesbian, a transvestite, a ladyboy or straight, everyone fits in, with little resentment or hostility.

But imagine the scenario, where you are in a bar and you spot an attractive girl. You are considering approaching her, buying her a drink and possibly carrying on to a nightclub with her on your arm, maybe a restaurant or even your hotel room. Then in dawns on you that something might me amiss. Could this delightful creature you have the hots for, possibly be a ladyboy?

Can You Spot A Ladyboy In A Crowd?

How can you tell? How can you be certain that you are not going to end up in bed, with a person who has amazing breasts, a beautiful face, legs up to her armpits but may have the added attraction of meat and two veg?

Well let’s take a look at some of the signs that could save you from an embarrassing situation.

First of all, it should be noted, that most ladyboys are up front about who and what they are. They are often obvious to the naked eye. The next thing you should know is that, most ladyboys are not out to ensnare an unsuspecting heterosexual man. Far from it in fact. Most “katoeys” actually want a man, who desires a transexual, for they too have yearnings for a relationship.

Those that work in bars, will laugh and joke with the customers and are actually great fun to be around. They will rarely come on to a man if he shows no interest in them. Enjoy their company and the hilarity that often goes hand in hand with the ladyboys of Pattaya but always be respectful.

There are of course always those who are oblivious to the fact that the girl they are buying drinks for and planning a night of passion with, was not born a female. Many Thai ladyboys are gorgeous and very difficult to tell apart from the genuine female. There is no shame in being caught out by their charm and attractive features, it is easily done.

Can You Spot A Ladyboy In A Crowd?

Points to look for are the obvious.

Are they tall, have large feet and hands and broad shoulders? If so, you should be aware that you could be drinking with a member of the same sex. However, there are taller Thai ladies too, so this alone is not foolproof.

Check your surroundings. Are you in a bar with many taller women? Is the bar possibly a “katoey” bar? Many streets in Pattaya are renowned for their ladyboy venues. You will find drinking establishments around the city that ladyboys are often to be found.

Observe their features, like the aforementioned broad shoulders. Are her hips too narrow, does she have bulging veins or an Adam’s apple? All are giveaways as to her original sex. Other observations like checking the eyes can help identify a man in a dress. Many ladyboys eyes are bloodshot as a result of the medication required to make the physical changes possible. Is she wearing a band of some description around her neck? This could be to hide the Adam’s apple.

The extremely beautiful ladyboys such as those that work as models or on stage, are incredibly difficult to tell if they are, or not a man. But the ones you see every day are often an easier test of your adeptness at spotting them.

They tend to exaggerate every movement. They are extravagant, flamboyant and they want to stand out from the crowd; giving a sort of “look at me” impression. If you observe a Thai lady, generally speaking they are not so outgoing. Yes they welcome you into bars with the “welcome sexy man” or “you come alone” chat up lines but unless drunk, they tend to be shy and reticent as they go about their work. A smile, a flutter of their eyelids may occur but there is nothing, other than her natural beauty, that will make her conspicuous or project herself from her colleagues and friends. Obviously this rule does not apply to those who earn their living in Go-Go bars but there is little can go wrong there.

Can You Spot A Ladyboy In A Crowd?

Ladyboys can often be seen to lose their tempers easier than most women and fights are more common between transgender people than they are with girls.

They also have a tendency to overdress or emphasise their sense of fashion or make up, again to make them more noticeable. If they have large boobs, they will flaunt them, often allowing men to touch them or even bring them out on display after a few drinks. They are proud of their breasts and why not, for some are just magnificent. A normal Thai girl would be too reserved to do such a thing in public. Many ladyboys have much deeper voices but not always.

The last and final check, if you are still in doubt is to ask. If they are a ladyboy, you are very unlikely to offend them by asking the question. They are generally proud and happy to admit it. If you are too embarrassed to ask, you can always request ro see their ID card, which by law, must be carried by all Thai people. It will feature a photo, their date of birth and of course the sex they were born.

But remember, it is highly unlikely that a ladyboy will permit you to take them to your hotel under the pretence that she is a woman. The last thing they want is an argument because you suddenly discover she has something extra in her underwear.

She is more than likely to back away from you unless you show a keen interest and at some point it will be revealed that she is not what she appears to be.

Can You Spot A Ladyboy In A Crowd?
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