It’s safe to say Thailand is probably a little different to anywhere you have visited before. That being said they have some laws that are also pretty different as well, while some make sense others are well… We will let you decide for yourselves.

The following are 5 weird laws that while strange, might keep you out of trouble while in the Kingdom.

1: It is a crime to criticise the King or any other member of the royal family.

Strange laws that could land you in trouble in Thailand

No matter how many beers you’ve had always remember to be respectful of the Thai monarchy the sentence for making slanderous remarks or comments is no joke and you could find yourself behind bars for 5-15 years for committing this offense.

2: It is against the law to leave the house without wearing underwear.

Strange laws that could land you in trouble in Thailand

Now this law seems a little less logical, I mean how do officers police this. Do they hold on the spot inspections to make sure that you are not going commando, were not sure but on the off chance you often forget to put underwear on when you leave the house its perhaps advisable not to as you might find yourself with a fine or a stay in jail.

3: It is illegal to drive a car with no shirt on.

Strange laws that could land you in trouble in Thailand

Following the trend of no clothing driving your car without a shirt on could also result in a stay in a jail cell. Now it might be appealing to remove your shirt to cool down or if you have a body you just want to flaunt but unless you want a fine or jail time if caught, probably best just to keep covered and be a little hot for a while.

4: It is illegal to step on Thai money.

Strange laws that could land you in trouble in Thailand

Yes standing on Thai currency is a very serious offence as all their money features the Thai monarchy and as we have already stated that disrespecting the royal family is taken very seriously. So just in case one of your pastimes is to throw your cash on the ground and stomp on it, probably best to wait till you’re not in Thailand.

5: Throwing used chewing gum on the sidewalk is a crime.

Strange laws that could land you in trouble in Thailand

This law actually makes a little sense, no one likes litter and a fine for someone doing it seems justified however if you are caught disposing of your gum anywhere other than a bin you could end up with a 2,000 baht (£45) penalty.


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  1. James colgan

    I think it should be for every thing food bottles paper any thing the beaches should parole to keep clean soon flanges don’t help then again a lot of Thais don’t

  2. Pekka Veneskoski

    Where can I find the law about underware, have seen this story many times but never ever the law s name or number

  3. Cliff

    5 is wrong the qre awful for garbqge singapore has that rule not thailand number 3 also wrong tons of peope drive with no shirt i live in thailqnd