For those of you that love seriously spicy food here is a few of Thailand’s hottest dishes but be warned you might want to put the toilet roll in the fridge before taking some of these on.

  • Tom yam boran:

Is a noodle dish served in a thick spicy sauce with sour notes, using crushed dried chillies, peanuts and vegetables it packs a serious punch.

  • Khao phat nam prik narok:

The translation of the name of this dish says it all really, the translation is “rice fried with chilli paste from hell.” You can have the dish with fish or meat but traditionally it is made with catfish and as the name suggests is made using an extremely spicy chilli paste.

  • Kaeng Phet: (red curry)

There are a lot of different variations of red curry most contain a mixture of coconut and red chillies or chilli paste making it creamy whilst still packing quite a kick.

  • Neua pad prik: (Thai pepper steak)

This is a seriously spicy dish made using hot bird’s eye chillies and fried beef and garlic has made it a popular dish throughout Thailand and Indonesia.

  • Som tum Thai (spicy papaya salad)

A raw Thai salad made with a selection of vegetables and unripe papaya. While it doesn’t have to be spicy vendors will have a pot of chilli for those seeking heat and customers can select how many chillies they want.

These are just a few of the many amazing dishes on offer in Thailand.

Thai dishes that could leave with you with the burning ring of fire
For the truly brave the phrase “Phed mak” means extra spicy but even the most hard-core spice lover might regret using that phrase.

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