Thai Girlfriend – Sending Money

If you have a Thai girlfriend one of the things you will inevitably expected to do is send money. Whether you live in Thailand, the UK or Australia if you have a full time partner sending cash is the done thing. Now we aren’t saying that ALL Thai girlfriends expect you to send them money but the reality is, a lot of them do.

Always remember, when meeting who you think might be that special someone just take things nice and slow. Make sure you are certain about this person do you know her well enough to sacrifice your heart AND your wallet? If you are just away on holiday and you return to your home country, keep in touch and start building a rapport. This will hopefully develop into something more and will ensure that she wants to be with you, for you not just your money. Your Thai girlfriend has to understand that you are not just a cash machine. Throwing cash at her is not going to get you respect, if anything it will just encourage her to ask you for more.

The Thai mentality is live for today and do not worry about tomorrow. This mentality carries over to Thai attitudes to money. Thais can be wildly irresponsible with money spending it as fast as humanly possible. This is why you need to try to teach your Thai partner that money does not grow on trees.

They need to understand to be more self-conscious and responsible with yours and their own money, if you keep supplying they will keep wasting it and happily taking it.

If you have entered into a new relationship you must remember to keep an eye on how they are with money. In a small amount of time you will start to see what sort of attitude towards responsibility and money your Thai partner has. Thai women can be cunning and clever when it comes to making you part with your cold hard cash.

Many of you reading this will take the advice and some let it go in one ear and out the other. Of course, not everyone is the same, so do your research first on the Internet and reading forums. So if you do choose to help your Thai girlfriend with money then do not be flamboyant and stick to a certain amount and try not to add more if requested, but the decision is yours.

There are numerous ways to get money to your Thai partner, including the following: Western Union or money gram which are the favorites, but the charges can be expensive.Bank transfer is also used, but can be costly and time consuming. After a long relationship you may wish to consider letting your

Thai partner have a debit card for an account that you can control how much they withdraw which is also a favourite as most banks do not charge for foreign withdrawals. Leaving monies after your holiday which is not always the best idea, sadly large chucks of money can be a strong and tempting excuse for a shopping spree.

All of the above can be used and for a visa application whichever way you decide to work together please keep all the information and receipts. Financial help and support for your Thai girlfriend can work well when showing a strong relationship but it is not a prerequisite.

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