The lengths some women will go to in the search of bigger boobs has always been apparent but a new Thai beauty treatment might be the strangest one yet.

The now infamous Thai Breast Slapping technique were women have their breast slapped for up to 10 minutes is claimed to increase cup size.

What must be rather a painful treatment is now becoming a popular alternative to surgical procedures.

Thailand's bizarre answer to getting bigger boobs - 'breast-slapping'

Beauty salon owner Khunying Tobnom discovered the trick to getting a bigger bust when as a teenager her grandmother would slap her breasts several times then shock them with ice water.

She noticed that the technique has resulted in her bust growing by 4 inches, since then she has been practicing the alternative method in her beauty salon for the past 20 years.

Tobnom has been awarded a government licence for her ‘hands on approach’ to breast enlargement where her slapping method shifts fat from one area to another to another where they belong.

The Thai Health Ministry conducted a six-month independent study which concluded that the unusual method of breast slapping had a measureable effect and did make breasts larger and one can only assume rather tender.

Tobnom is offering training courses should you fancy becoming a certified ‘breast slapper’ but her prices aren’t cheap a training course will set you back $263,000 (9 million baht)

If you want a course of treatments six 10-minute sessions will set you back roughly $380 (13,000 baht)

Surely there will me a few kind hearted soles out their willing to provide the treatment free of charge.

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