The Best Nightlife areas Pattaya has to offer

Pattaya really is the city that keeps on giving when it comes to its amazing nightlife scene and is probably one of the main reasons a lot of people come to this awesome city in general. There are literally thousands of bars scattered all across the city so today we thought we would look at a few of the areas in general that are well worth having a look at whether your hear on holiday or living here some of these places might be familiar others not but in our opinion they provide some of the best nightlife entertainment Pattaya has to offer.

Ok so in no particular order.

Walking Street:

Now for many of you the name Walking Street also known to some expats as the “Mile of Minge” will probably be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Pattaya and to be fair it’s probably the city’s most famous street for good reason. At a little over 1 kilometre long this vibrant street offers something for pretty much everyone with over 80 go-go bars (with numbers growing weekly), some of Pattaya’s very best nightclubs such as Insomnia, Lucifer and 808, countless beer bars, tattoo shops, restaurants, jewellery shops, tailors, street entertainers it really is near impossible not to find what you’re looking for one this amazing street or one of the many smaller Soi’s leading off of it. Prices tend to be a little higher in the area as it is a tourist hotspot but compared to prices in other parts of the world a good time here still doesn’t need to break the bank and with many of the nightclubs staying open into the early hours of the morning Walking Street is a popular place to end a night out.

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Soi 6:

Rising in both fame and popularity yearly Soi 6 or Soi Half-a-Dozen as it is known to some expats here is one of the most fun streets Pattaya has to offer. There are 60 over bars all stocked with a vast array of beautiful hostesses nearly always in very alluring attire and a night out here is well to put it politely never dull that’s for sure. Some bars that are definitely worth a look include Ruby, Roxy, Sexy in the City and the Toy Box. Next door is Soi 6/1 and is home to nearly exclusively all ladyboy bars, so if that’s not what you’re into make sure its Soi 6 that you head down. For those looking at booking a holiday to Pattaya to party Soi 6 holds an annual weekend long party which normally happens in the first week in June and is truly an awesome time where all the bars come together to celebrate, which results in a countless amount of beautiful women from all the bars taking part in one big party.

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Soi LK Metro:

Soi LK Metro is an L shaped street just off popular tourist and expat hangout Soi Buakhao which is home to a plethora of cheap beer bars, restaurants, massage shops and guesthouses. Soi LK Metro has an abundance of go-go bars lining either side of the street with a few bars thrown in for good measure and is a popular street for those that like to go bar hopping. Venues definitely worth a visit here include Sugar Sugar, Touch, Ladylove and Champagne. Prices tend to be slightly less here than in places such as Walking Street and the vibe is a lot more chilled out. Many people chose to start their evening by bar hopping here before heading off to Walking Street to finish the night.

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Boyz Town:

Also known as Pattayaland this area is comprised of two and a half streets towards the Walking Street end of Beach Road and is home to almost exclusively gay bars. The two streets Soi 13/3 and 13/4 often referred to as Pattayaland Soi 1 and Pattayaland Soi 2 are connected by a small alley roughly halfway down the street. With a reputation for its flamboyance and abundance of ladyboys Boyz Town is definitely worth a look if that’s what you’re in to. Some notable places worth checking out include Boys Boys Boys Nightclub and the Copa Show Bar.

Soi’s 7 and 8:

Soi 7 was at one time Pattaya’s biggest complex of outside beer bars but the street has evolved over recent years with more and more indoor bars replacing the outside bars, that being said there are still plenty of beer bars to choose from, Pandora and Luxor bar are especially popular with both expats and tourists. Soi 7 is also home to several coyote bars one of which shooters is one of the best coyote bars in town with fantastic drinks deals and very talented dancers, Silver Star 2 is also worth a look if you find yourself venturing to Soi 7. Soi 8 is home to a variety of beer bars and restaurants and can be accessed via beach road or second road or the small connecting alley from Soi 7. Sailor bar on Soi 8 is especially popular for their cheap cocktail menu and proves a popular place for many to start their evening. Both Soi’s make traveling to Walking Street extremely easy as baht buses run along beach road right to the top of Walking Street.

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Well there you have it people just some of the amazing places Pattaya has to offer for a night out, why not check a few of them out and let us know what you think. We hope you all have a fun safe and enjoyable time whilst here in Pattaya.

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