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Category: The Neverland Post

02 February

Pattaya, Thailand is a city unlike any other in the world. Ever year millions of tourists migrate here to escape the harsh winters of home to enjoy the…

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10 January

The International House of Pancakes has stated that they are bringing their international deliciousness to Thailand! Breakfast in Thailand is sure to change

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09 January

Thailand is a very popular tourist destination sure, but there are those individuals that have moved beyond calling it a vacation and have…

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04 January

Whenever I get to talking to people and they find out about how big I once was, the first question is always how did you lose it? Here’s my story.

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03 January

Thailand is chocked full of ghost stories, superstition, legends and mystery. There are many ghost tales that have surpassed time and are still told today.

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02 January

While property investment can be a risky endeavor, long-term buy to let properties represent a potentially safe and strong investment opportunity

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27 December

Generally the people you see doing Muay Thai are hardened muscular tanks that are ready to take and dish out blows. This grandma is changing that.

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25 December

For the people of Mawlamyine in southeast Myanmar, cataracts are a common problem. The struggle could get better thanks to a team from Thailand

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23 December

Private investments in Thailand next year are expected to increase drastically according to The Finance Ministry. The ministry is extremely optimistic.

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22 December

When it comes to these touristy animal places I am often times skeptical about the treatment and well-being of their animals. No worries about this place.

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