My First time in Pattaya and I have absolutely fell in love with the place, so much so I have decided to do a blog on my stay here hoping for it to turn into long term, as want this holiday to never end!

Pattaya is definitely the place that does not sleep and with so much going on and beautiful ladies everywhere 24 hours a day its very hard to get an early night (hard being the optimum word) so be prepared.

I Arrived in Pattaya bright eyed and bushy tailed 😉 from a mad night out in Bangkok by taxi which cost 1500 baht and took just a couple of hours travel time.

I went to meet my friend in a place called Rompho market in Jomtien, as this is where his office is stationed. But, due to his heavy work load he said he couldn’t come and meet me as he had important business with a client. Hmmmm I thought to myself, meeting with a client aye, knowing my friend it wasn’t going to be a meeting discussing the latest daily sales over afternoon tea and biscuits!

The Start of my New Life in fun City Pattaya!

I think this client was another kind of special meeting. Not wanting to hang around his office I thought I would have a drink, dropped my bags of at his office and had a little stroll around the area.

I ended up in the Rum Dum Bar as was called in by some ladies shouting “Hey Sexy Man Where You Go Come in Here” ( all wearing small tight shorts ) and blowing kisses at me! With an invitation like that I just had to go in…

After a few drinks my friend did eventually arrive and he took me to his condo so we could eat and get changed before heading out for the evening (didn’t ask him about the meeting)

Before going out we ordered some food ( and yes burgers ……Im English…. plus its easy) but this burger was amazing it was a pizza burger it was HUGE and puts other franchises to shame!

We ordered the burgers from Pastrami on Rye. The meals came with a side order of chips and we also ordered drinks, i thought it was a good price at 295 baht ( About 5.40 in English pound )

The Start of my New Life in fun City Pattaya!

After having a good feast my mates who live out here said they would show me some of the local bars. We started off at Baileys bar in Soi 7 which was the grand opening that night. Inside was hot chicks dancing on stage, FREE drink on arrival and a photo shoot by my mates company being made of the girls and bar for Love Pattaya Thailand .com

The Start of my New Life in fun City Pattaya!

We stayed Baileys bar for an hour or so, It was a great bar to start off in but we decided to move on as they wanted to show me more Pattaya fun.

The Start of my New Life in fun City Pattaya!

The next bar we went to which my friend said was his favorite bar ever was Shooters ( also situated in Soi 7 ) and I can see why, WOW…I was blown away by how many sexy girls were in this place I thought I was in paradise, all full of fun great dancing and amazing bodies, the booze was cheap too, bucket of 6 shot mixer for 330 baht and i also noticed they do a happy hour before 21:30pm for half price buckets at 165 baht!.

The Start of my New Life in fun City Pattaya!

We sat down ordered our drinks but to my surprise after only being in there for 5 minutes a hot young lady come and sat down and started speaking to me. As she was so friendly I thought I would buy her a drink, next thing I knew she had called over her friend ( who also was extremely hot ) to come and sit with us. I felt like a movie star!

The Start of my New Life in fun City Pattaya!

This just don’t happen to a local guy from sunny Bognor Regis. We carried on drinking the buckets with a few cheeky tequilas and things were now just getting started but with so many options and places to have fun at you cant just stay in one bar or club for too long so off we went again this time to LK metro!

I will definitely be returning to Shooter again this week for happy hour….TAXI!!!………Well motor bike taxi. Motor bike taxi’s are the easiest way of getting around the city as the roads can become quite congested, there also pretty cheap with most rides costing between 40 – 100 baht depending on where you want to go. You just settle the price before you get on.

Now arrived at LK Metro, by now a few of the guys had gone their separate ways as it was midnight and probably had a business meeting to go to in the morning, they are always happening around Pattaya 😉 but those of us who were left went into an Agogo Bar named Destiny Agogo

The Start of my New Life in fun City Pattaya!

This place, well….not just WOW but WOW factor! I had never been in an Agogo bar before but have heard about them and it certainly lived up to its expectations so a thumbs up from me for the first one Ive ever been to. Destiny Agogo had a fantastic vibe, cheap drinks (draught beer only 65 baht ) and of course the ladies, Hmmmm the ladies. It was like Beyonce, Rihanna, Little mix, Rita Ora or any sexy woman you can think of, all in one room dancing and wanting to become acquainted with ME!.

By this point I was buzzing and thinking about it, I hadn’t really spent much money probably about 3O quid ( 1500 baht ) and had been out for a good while by now, so everything was going great. Usually if on a night out in England I would of easy spent double that amount.

We left Destiny Agogo about 01:30am and my friend who wanted to keep the party alive mentioned about Walking Street….Ok I thought lets see what this Walking Street has to offer, he’s a bit of a party animal so was expecting it to be a bit crazy!

Again motor bike taxi and off we went…

When we arrived in Walking Street there was bright lights music and pussy… dolls everywhere, honestly spoilt for choice with so many special offers on drinks and looked as though the party was just beginning. If I was on my own I just wouldn’t know what way to turn but luckily for me my friend who had lived here for a while took us into the i-Bar, he said as I was a single guy there may be a few single ladies inside who might want to party with me until dawn, how right he was…

The Start of my New Life in fun City Pattaya!

Back home in the UK if i’m in a night club Im the type of guy who will just stand in the corner getting wrecked with my mates spending too much money hoping for a fatty to flatter her eye lids at me but here in i-Bar there was not one fat bird in sight, it’s just full of sexy girls everywhere!

The girls were smiling, waving and trying to get my attention and at first I was a bit taken back and didn’t really believe it was happening, saying to myself…nah they’re not waving at me, but, after a few more drinks I decided to go and speak to one of the girls who was calling me over (as my mate was necking off with some other lady I felt like a bit of a plum just stood there ) so over I went….

The Start of my New Life in fun City Pattaya!

The girl was hot, funny and full of mischief. We chatted, danced, played pool and drank. I cant remember any prices as i was hammered by this point but i know the sun was out when we left the club. She asked me if I would like to carry on the party in her room, still in high spirits and as she had been so accommodating I could hardly refuse.

The Start of my New Life in fun City Pattaya!

Walking back to her room I could see the party was still going on with bars quite full it must have been about 05:00am!

Anyway the party continued and as they say the rest is history .( Bad thing is though I didn’t even get her name and I don’t think she knew mine )

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  1. Leroy

    All white men are sexy in thailand. The older the better for most bar girls. Your not a movie star here. You might feel like it until you learn. First thing to learn is your movie star status runs out when your money runs out. Good luck.

  2. john

    I don’t really believe in fate, But sometimes things are hard to believe. I was looking for a few personal reviews for when i visit Thailand later this year. Then the guy that has made a huge blog on Pattaya is a guy that i know. Though i have not seen Keith in years since he worked in Bognor it was nice to see his face on here. Seems Thai girls love western men Vewy wong tyme.