Three Top Entertainment Zones In Pattaya

So you have arrived in Pattaya, booked in to your hotel and wondering what you can possibly get up to.

Of course you could simply stroll around the area you are dwelling and no doubt find some highly entertaining bar or club but a little bit of research could save you a lot of time in your search for paradise.

Below are the three most popular areas where you will find everything a man could ask for, when it comes to Pattaya’s marvellous nightlife.

Walking Street

Three Top Entertainment Zones In Pattaya

Easily Pattaya’s, if not Thailand’s most famous street as far as adult entertainment goes. It is generally always busy from dusk till dawn, and features an array of amusement that will interest those who come to the city to see the many Go-Go bars, night clubs and music venues.

Most people enter via the Beach Road entrance, walking under the renowned Walking Street sign, but many arrive from the Bali Hai Pier side, often arriving by the bus load.

The length of this exciting road is awash with neon lights and sexy, scantily clad ladies, welcoming you in to their respective venues. People walk around giving out flyers and directing you up the many small alleys, where there are even more wonderful bars and dancing girls. In fact, many of these alleys play home to some of the best Go-Go bars and drinking venues in the area, so never disregard them. Check them out and see what is hiding in the darkness, you may get a surprise or two. Some have exciting names like Soi Diamond or Soi BJ for example, while others are simple known by their numbers.

Walking Street is heaven for those who seek the party atmosphere and wish to drink into the early hours of the morning surrounded by vivacious, intriguing and sensuous girls. A Go-Go bar for instance, may have up to 90 girls working in their venue, dancing for your pleasure or willing to sit and chat to you, should you be willing to purchase them a lady drink of course.

Naturally it is not only the girly bars that make Walking Street so popular. Here you will discover some wonderful restaurants, enthralling night clubs, large and often loud live music venues, tourist shops and the odd convenience store and pharmacy.

Three Top Entertainment Zones In Pattaya

Street entertainers will thrill you with their magic tricks, ladyboys with amazing breasts will pose with you for a few baht, as your friends take a photo of you. Street vendors sell food or toys, and even children may be seen dancing in the hope they can make a few baht.

Going to Walking Street in daylight is a complete waste of time, for all you will encounter is deliver trucks and cleaners going about their business. But visit under the cover of darkness and you enter a whole new realm of wondrous entertainment and fun.

You can begin with a meal is one of the restaurants, venture on to a bar and play pool. Go listen to some live music, before observing stunning ladies display their skills on a pole, then complete your night in the city’s top night clubs and you may only cover five hundred metres or so.

You cannot see it all in one visit, at least not if you plan to enter the clubs etc. You must set aside two or three evenings alone for Walking Street.

Expect to pay a bit more for your drinks here. Most of the Go-Go bars will display prices and will provide a bin, where again the running total of your drinks are displayed. It is recommended that you always check your bin, to avoid any shocks, not just here of course but in any bar.

LK Metro

This L shaped zone is one of the city’s most popular attractions. It features every aspect of nightlife one can imagine or expect in the alluring city of Pattaya.

Three Top Entertainment Zones In Pattaya

The street runs from Soi Diana for around 100 metres, then makes a sharp right turn, ranging for a similar distance, reaching out to Soi Buakhao. These two streets on their own are well worth a visit but entering LK Metro opens up a hive of activity, that will leave the first time visiting in awe.

At both ends you will discover street vendors, selling Thai food or hamburgers. Take a few steps in and you will see end to end drinking establishments, many of which are Go-Go Bars. Some of the venues provide live music entertainment or lay on special events, featuring the music of the 60s or the soul era.

Three Top Entertainment Zones In Pattaya
Guest Houses can often be found above the many bars, offering customers accommodation, with ready made nightlife below.

In the day time, only a few of the bars are open, and it appears like any other street in Pattaya. It is inconspicuous, almost verging on laid back but come nightfall, this is a road that has to be in the top two venues for night birds to visit.

Its neon lights draw in the crowds as they pass by either end. Once visitors access LK, the girls do the rest. There are literally scores of gorgeous beauties standing at the entrances to the Go-Go bars to entice you in, with offers of cheap drinks, sexy ladies, coyotes or model dancers. They are hard to ignore as they beckon you, dressed in the sexiest, skimpiest, most revealing outfits imaginable.

The street in evening is almost traffic free, making it safe to walk along and peruse the many venues.

Prices in LK Metro are generally lower than other well known nightlife areas and you will find it plays home to some of the best bars in Pattaya.

Soi 6

Three Top Entertainment Zones In Pattaya

This narrow but incredibly busy alley is far removed from the two zones mentioned above, in that it is a fair distance from the centre of town. However, Soi 6 is a street that offers copious amounts of bars and some of the sexiest ladies in Pattaya.

Many describe Soi 6 as infamous, a place of ill repute, which it maybe was a few years back. Nowadays, it still has the allure of the bars and girls but its reputation is not what it was. It is a safe but fun place to be.

The street tends to open for business in the early afternoon with the majority of the bars closing by 01:00. But don’t let that put you off, for many a good night has been had on Soi 6.

It would be a fair estimation, if you said that 90% of the businesses here are bars. Many are small compact affairs, jammed full of beautiful girls, who are ever-so friendly, just waiting on you to wander in and experience their venue.

The street runs from Second Road for around 400 metres, where it merges with Beach Road and like the other contenders for the best nightlife in Pattaya title, it is adorned by neon lights, sexy signs above the premises, music and calls of “welcome sexy man” from the many girls.

The bars here are different from Walking Street. They tend to be smaller for one thing. Many will have special events such as “schoolgirl nights” or “sexy nurses” or “horror themed” and as you pass by, the girls are dressed to thrill to match the theme of the evening.

Other bars you will find the ladies donning sexy uniforms, always revealing and enticing the customer to the bars.

Some have special music events, such as an 80s night or northern soul specials, occasionally with a live band or at the very least, fantastic playlists for you to listen too.

Again there are so many drinking venues here, each offering you something different from the previous one, and you may find yourself returning night after night. You cannot visit them all in a single evening for there are simply too many.

People will tell you Soi 6 brings something extra to Pattaya’s nightlife, something mischievous, risqué and often outrageous and they would be correct. Others will say that Soi 6 is the best place in Pattaya for girly bars. Again no one can argue with this claim. Is it better than Walking Street or LK Metro? Only you can decide, but one thing is certain, you will not be disappointed.

If you need other incentives to visit Soi 6, there is the subject of price. Most venues here offer exceptional value, with special offers and happy hours running for hours on end. Again, check them out and see for yourself.

For those who have different desires, the next street along is Soi 6/1, where invariable every bar features ladyboys, attracting men who seek out those amazing katoeys.

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