As I have done so on countless occasions and without thought I ride my bike to my local bank, the beach and occasionally to a bar if I am just having a few.

However one day I decided to walk and take in my surroundings. I walked past a nice bar called Country Roads, Country music not really my thing but it was pleasant enough without becoming annoying and I needed a break from loud music that is a constant from the majority of the local bars & DJs.

After I finished my Chang Beer I decided to go for stroll along Jomtien beach, as I was already parked up on the road leading down to it. I walked past a restaurant just before the Gay area that i hadn’t noticed before.

Tinnies, the best Pie Shop in Pattaya!

Normally the aroma wofting around the streets is very Thai with chilly, garlic and seafood smells. But as i walked past this restaurant I could smell something different, something i hadn’t smelt since walking past “Gregs” cafe and bakeries back home in the UK. As i did a double take both visually and with my nose I Happened to see in bold writing a “Tinnies Thailand” sign so i decided to walk over for a closer look.

Nothing against Prik Nam Blah, Pad kaprow, sup Ki, or any other wonderful dishes provided by the locals but sometimes there is nothing nicer than some familiar food and Tinnies Pie shop was just what I needed, The shop fooled me initially as being a Brit, Pie shops are small units not a 42 seater restaurant.

Tinnies, the best Pie Shop in Pattaya!

There was every type of pie I was used to, and also some unfamiliar ones.

Who would have thought the Thai staple, Chicken Thai Curry had been encased in a pastry. There was one on the menu that really caught my eye, Roast Leg of Lamb. So opted to go with that one.

With the Roast Leg of Lamb Pie, as with any of the Pies from Tinnies, your welcome to help yourself to the salad bar and a choice between french Fries or mashed potato with gravy as sides. I decided to go with the french fries.

Tinnies, the best Pie Shop in Pattaya!

It was a succulent well cooked pie with a generous amount of filling and the lamb melted in your mouth, the french fries were decent enough too but next time i may go with the mash and gravy, it looked just like what we get back home in the UK.

As I had started on this pie path I could not resist a dessert of which there were a few to choose from, Apple, Cherry and a few others i cant remember, I also noticed meringues and tarts there too. I am a sucker for a Apple pie so a grabbed a slice to take home and polished it later that evening.

Lesson to self “walk more its amazing what you find”

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