Top 10 Restaurants in Pattaya Voted by YOU the Public

Here is a list of the TOP 10 Restaurants in Pattaya voted by you the public, our top 10 list is made by the highest reviewed listings on our site….

If you don’t agree with the list below please feel free to leave a review on your favorite restaurants to bump them up the list.

1.  Laong’s Bistro – 5/5 Stars
Laong's Bistro

Click here for Laong’s Bistro full listing

2.  Nicky’s Bar Restaurant – 5/5 Stars
Nicky's Bar Restaurant

Click here for Nicky’s Bar Restaurant full listing

3.  Maggs Restaurant – 5/5 Stars
Maggs Restaurant

Click here for Maggs Restaurant full listing

4. L’Auberge – 5/5 Stars

Click here for L’Auberge full listing

5. Mr.Moo Restaurant – 5/5 Stars
Mr.Moo Restaurant

Click here for Mr.Moo Restaurant full listing

6. Tarka House Restaurant – 5/5 Stars
Tarka House Restaurant

Click here for Tarka House Restaurant full listing

7. Akvavit Grill & Bar – 5/5 Stars
Akvavit Grill & Bar

Click here for Akvavit Grill & Bar full listing

8. Cafe des Amis – 5/5 Stars
Cafe des amis

Click here for Cafe des Amis full listing

9. Comfort by Harlan – 5/5 Stars
Harlan Goldstien's Comfort Food for Friends

Click here for Comfort by Harlan full listing

10. Bruno’s Restaurant & Bar – 5/5 Stars

Click here for Bruno’s Restaurant & Bar full listing

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