Top 5 Shopping Venues in Naklua

Naklua may not have the abundance of shops that you find in other areas of Pattaya, but what it certainly isn’t lacking is quality. Many of the types of shop you will find in Naklua are not just unique to the area but Thailand and in some cases, the world. When it comes to the surface area covered with upmarket, superior products, Naklua is quite simply unrivalled.

Most of the shopping venues that we have included on our list sell products that are locally made, locally sourced, or a combination of both. What this means is that it is the local community that reaps the benefits rather than some multinational company. Not surprisingly, as a result of this, the area boasts some of the most skilled craftspeople in Thailand. The phrase “locally produced” may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you see our list, but that is indeed what they are and they are some of the best in the world.

Top 5 Shopping Venues in Naklua

1. One Tambon, One Product (OTOP)

OTOP is located just off North Pattaya Road and you can quite literally find anything that you would associate with being typically Thai, be that scented soaps, novelty souvenirs or high-quality Thai furniture. The building is about the size of a warehouse at 1,500sqm and to call it a warehouse would not be too far off the mark. OTOP is part of government funded programme designed to encourage skilled craftspeople to make a very healthy living by putting their skills to good use. If you think that the only purpose of this scheme is to benefit locals you would be mistaken as many of the goods are of the highest quality and very reasonably priced.

OTOP is open from 10am to 8pm every day.

Top 5 Shopping Venues in Naklua

2. Toscano Leather and Fur

Located opposite the Tesco Lotus on North Pattaya Road, Toscano offer some truly flamboyant products that wouldn’t look too out of place at some of the city’s famous cabaret shows. The store has 2,400sqm of floor space and looks a majestic building in its own right with the Grecian columns and statues in the entrance lobby.

As the name would suggest, you will find furs (which may not appeal to many) and leathers. These include bags, shoes, jackets and much, much more. Lots of the products are actually manufactured in store with some being made from more unusual skins such as crocodile, snake and stingray.

Toscano opens at 8.45am and closes at 8pm every day.

3. World Gems Collection

North Pattaya Road is indeed the haven for these upmarket shopping venues and this is where you will find World of Gems. This is a very distinctive building and the largest of its kind in Asia, doubling as a museum for gems and stones. Inside you will see demonstrations as to how to cut and set gems, something that would not only appeal to aspiring jewellers but the general public as a whole. Once you enter the store you will find what could only be described as a huge selection of rings, pendants, necklaces and earrings along with pretty much any other sort of jewellery you could imagine.

Understandably, The World of Gems Collection is very proud of their international recognition in terms of their ethical business practices and that what you get is 100% genuine and exactly as described.

The store is open from 9am until 6pm every day.

4. Gems Gallery Pattaya

Again located on North Pattaya Road, Gems Gallery describes itself as the “World’s Biggest Jewellery Store” and is the latest addition to the famous Thai brand. The store is 15,200 sqm in size, far bigger than any other of the company’s branches, in fact, there is enough room for a theme park ride that gives a very interesting presentation about jewellery and gems.

Gems Gallery is primarily a store that has a fantastic collection of rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets and a whole lot more. The company has an international business certification so you are safe in the knowledge that everything is genuine and you can trust what is put in front of you.

Gems Gallery is open from 8.30am until 6pm every day.

5. Sukhumvit Road Market

Only in Thailand would a regular market make it on to a Top 5 list but that is certainly what the Sukhumvit Market, located next to Mini Siam has done. The market is also known by a range of other names such as “North Pattaya Market” or “Naklua Market”. Sukhumvit Market is home to around 600 different stalls that are there every night selling everything that you imagine from food and drink, to DIY supplies to clothing and automobile parts – an eclectic mix without any shadow of doubt.

The market is popular with locals, perhaps due to its more out of town location and this makes the wares that are available much cheaper and not just aimed at the tourist market.

The market is open from 5pm every night and closes when the last person goes home for the night!

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