Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massages has its roots in Indian culture. More than 2,500 years old, the story goes that a gentleman by the name of Jivaka Kumar was physician to Buddha. He treated the great man was holistic deep tissue message and the techniques and principles of the massage made their way to Thailand where upon it was developed into the Thai massage we know today.

Thailand is famous for its traditional Thai massages and Pattaya has massage parlours scattered all over town. A typical Thai massage for an hour or so and consists of stretching the toes, ears and fingers, also cracking the knuckles and even walking along the spine. It may sound gruelling but LOVEPATTAYA knows it’s benefits can last for days after.

For all the discomfort a traditional Thai massage works wonders on strained muscles, aches and pains.

If you’re visiting Pattaya, and not experienced a traditional Thai massage, LOVEPATTAYA suggests booking yourself in immediately.Check out the parlours we have on the site.

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