There are many myths and legends surrounding the peculiarly abandoned batman disco in Pattaya.  It is easily one of the largest structures in the area and has a presence about it that could send chills down a ghost hunter’s spine. 

The trip started with a walk around the exterior, it was here that we noticed the masterful artwork of the street artists.  We later found out that the pieces were there due to the “Meeting of Styles”- a tagging and street art collaboration of artists from around the world.

The building was constructed in 1994 just south of Sukhumvit Road.  It was once a thriving and very popular place according to the locals that lived in the area when it was operational.  The fun was short-lived though it would seem as the place was only open for 18 months.

This is where the rumor and mystery comes in.  There are stories that surround the place from underage girls and drinking to it being build with mafia money.  Another story insists that the place got raided for permit violations and during the court case a mysterious fire gutted the inside of the place (upon visiting it is apparent that there was indeed a fire at one point or another.

The building consists of five floors and a rooftop with spectacular views of the city.

When it is raining, be careful, the stairways tend to turn to waterfalls at a moment’s notice.  There are various places to beware or you could find yourself taking a 70-foot-fall down shafts without railings and or the giant hole in the floor of the second story.

The basement is a giant pool of rainwater that has collected there and according to the news, a body was found floating in the water not that long ago.  The trip was only supposed to be for photos of the outside as I was unsure of the legality of entering the building at all but upon arrival, local kids were running and playing inside and out of the structure amongst the shards of glass.

As a photographer, if you should ever find yourself in Pattaya, make this one of your stops, you will NOT regret it!  A more kick-ass spot for low light and high dynamic range photography practice you will not find.

I wish someone knew who owned the place, would be nice to get the community together to clean it up and turn it into a place for the youth of the city to hang out.  Doesn’t matter if they spray the walls, it’s only paint! Fortunately, nobody has disturbed or painted over the amazing art pieces from the “MOS”.


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