UK Settlement Visa

UK Marriage and Settlement Visa for Thai National

The purpose of a UK Settlement Visa is for you to be able to live in the UK with your Thai partner as husband and wife. You need to be legally married in Thailand to apply for this type of visa. The UK Settlement visa lasts for two years and nine months, this can be extended in the UK by the UK border agency without the need to return to Thailand. Your wife can choose to return to Thailand to visit for any reason, as the visa includes multiple entries.

A UK Settlement Visa will allow your Thai wife to work legally when she has her National Insurance number. She will be entitled to the free National Health Service and can register with your local G.P. Your Thai wife will not however be able to claim any benefits and is written on the visa as “no recourse to public funds”. As the UK sponsor you will need to take care of your wife financially and support her throughout your lives together in the UK.

A UK Settlement Visa does allow you to be able to settle down together in the UK without fear of the immigration police. However you will first need to fulfill the financial criteria for this process. As from July 2012 the ruling states that you will need proof of income of at least 18,600 British pounds from your work, either from employment, self- employment or pensions before tax.

Providing proof of income can be the most difficult part of the application, but this is the amount the British government have ruled as sufficient to take care of your wife.

The UK Settlement Visa application is in two stages, first the online application and secondly the financial application known as the separate financial appendix. Just one mistake can cost you the Embassy fee and refusal of the visa, so it is advisable to get professional assistance.

Love Pattaya Law can assist you taking on the role of assisting right from the marriage in Thailand to applying for the UK Settlement Visa; this is the UK Marriage and Settlement Visa package.

So Love Pattaya Law will assist you every step of the way with the process of going from being engaged to being married and obtaining the visa allowing you to settle in the UK together as man and wife.

Love Pattaya Law have specialist knowledge of the documentation and presentation required and below is a detailed breakdown of the service provided within their UK Marriage and Settlement Visa package;

The fee for this inclusive service is 95,000 Thai Baht. The initial payment is 5,000 Thai Baht, the remaining 90,000 to be paid on successful granting of the visa.

  • Advise sponsor and Thai applicant of documents required (by telephone, email or fax)
  • Assist with legal marriage service documentation in Thailand
  • Assist Thai wife to change surname on passport
  • English and Thai staff to work with you respectively
  • Collation and translation of documents
  • Advise regarding any missing or incorrect documents
  • Book Thai wife Tuberculosis x-ray and take her for appointment
  • Prepare online application and pay online fee
  • Write all letters for both parties
  • Book visa application appointment in Bangkok and ensure your Thai wife is coached in the correct wording and can give correct information
  • Track and check the status of the application daily
  • Collect the UK Visa, application and passport
  • Advise when visa is ready so you can book one way flight to UK
  • Coach Thai lady in what to say to UK Immigration and what documents she needs to take

The documents and passport can be collected from the office in Pattaya or posted to home address in Thailand.



To pass this course you will need to have a fair knowledge of the English language. Vantage Siam in Bangkok is the company providing this test on behalf of the Cambridge University in England.
The fees for the course and test are currently 15,000 Thai Baht. This is 8,000 baht for the 3 day course and 7,000 baht for the test.

It is advisable to do the 3 day course before the test and Love Pattaya Law can assist with the arrangements to go to Bangkok for your Thai partner.

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