UK Tourist Visa for a Thai National

A UK tourist visa for a Thai wife or girlfriend is also known as a UK holiday visa.

This visa is for a Thai national to travel to the UK on holiday and get to know your family and experience the different culture and way of life. It is a good idea to make sure your Thai partner can fit in comfortably in the UK before you begin planning your marriage.

It is very different living together with your Thai partner in the UK than being on holiday in Thailand. A UK tourist visa for a Thai National is a very good way of making sure you are both happy to settle in the UK together. It is purely for the purpose of allowing your Thai partner to visit the UK and not for the purpose of residing permanently in the UK. For this reason you cannot reapply for this type of visa frequently, the British Embassy will take note if you apply too often for this type of visa.

You can apply for a 6 months UK Tourist visa or you can apply for a 5 year Tourist visa which will give you 6 months in any one year in the UK. So if you are awarded a 6 month UK Tourist visa after that time your Thai partner will have to return to Thailand and spend 6 months away from the UK before reapplying or the British Embassy will assume that you are using the visas to reside illegally in the UK.

You need to take care as just because you have had one visa does not necessarily mean you will get another if you apply again.

For a successful application for a UK Tourist visa for a Thai National you need to make sure your presentation, documentation and overall impression is perfect. You do not want to give the British Embassy officer the impression that you are not genuine. As often times the Thai applicant is considered to be poor in Thailand and they may not have much incentive to return to Thailand, therefore the presentation of the application is very important in gaining a successful visa.

As the British Embassy does appreciate the presentation of correct documentation it can be a very good idea to use a visa expert, whether your partner is your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or transgender. As you may be overseas whilst your partner is in Thailand it can be the best way to go forwards. It does not pay to be over confident as the clearing officer at the UK Embassy can find any number of reasons why the UK Tourist visa for Thai national should be refused.

Why is it so difficult to obtain a UK Tourist visa for a Thai national?

The reason why it is so difficult is because there may be a temptation to use the visa illegally to reside in the UK and not return to Thailand.

Love Pattaya Law offers the following service for obtaining a 6 months UK tourist visa for a fee of 30,000 Thai baht.

All the costs incurred are included in this quoted price including Embassy fees, translations and letter writing.

Initially the deposit is 5,000 Thai baht, with the balance of 25,000 Thai baht due on completion.

Advising the sponsor and Thai applicant of the required documents

English staff and Thai staff available to deal with you respectively

Collation and translation of documents

Check for missing documents and amendments

• Prepare the online application and registration

Pay online fee

Write all the correspondence letters using correct wording

Book the appointment to submit visa application with Thai applicant

Train Thai applicant to know what information to give

Track and check status of application every day

Collection of the application, passport and visa from the Embassy in Bangkok on behalf of your Thai partner

Advise you when the visa is issued and invoice the final balance

Even if the visa application is unsuccessful for whatever reason, Love Pattaya Law will redo the application at no extra charge.

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