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Law And Visa Services

Every foreigner who lives in Pattaya or Thailand for that matter for any length of time, will require the services of a visa agent or a lawyer.

Sure you can do many of the services they offer on your own and maybe save a few baht but an agent is more likely to get the task completed faster and rarely faces rejection.

So what can an agent or lawyer provide for you?

Visa Services

Many people arrive in Pattaya on a 30 day tourist visa and then decide they want to move here and enjoy what the city has to offer. If over the age of 50, you can apply for a retirement visa, which will permit you to stay here for 12 months plus annual renewals. An agent makes this process simple, takes away the hassle and problems you may face during your application, especially financial woes.

Maybe you are under 50 but want to stay a long time but cannot obtain a work permit. Then you could look at the education visa, which will allow you to attend Thai lessons for two hours per day and give you the paperwork that will permit you to stay.

Work permits can be arranged by agents, along with visa runs to Laos for those who are on visas that state you must leave the country for a day every now and then.

Other service provided are obtaining a Thai driving licence. Sure you can do this yourself and save money but you will spend hours queueing over two days, losing valuable time at work or enjoying yourself. An agent will have you in and out in less than three hours. Well worth the fee.

Legal Services

Buying a property in a strange country can be a nightmare. Arranging a marriage between you and a Thai person is also a headache. Divorce can be even worse. These are the sort of areas a lawyer can help you.

Running a business, providing accounts for tax purposes, selling the business on, all require legal assistance.

We recommend that whatever your visa or legal requirements are – you should always consult with an agent before venturing further.

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