Visa on arrival 30 day extension

Good news, as of 29th August 2014 if you arrive in Thailand on a standard 30 day visa on arrival you are now able to extend your stay by an addition 30days!

All you need to do is pop down to your local Immigration office and fill out the appropriate forms.

This is good news for those of you who were facing a gruelling visa run to Cambodia or Laos.

This extension comes at a price, obviously. You pay your fee at Immigration which comes in a approximately 1,900thb but we know your probably happy to pay that to stay in beautiful Thailand for a bit longer.

The requirements for a successful application are as follows;

• Will need to bring proof of your return flight ticket that shows you are leaving within 30days of you extension ending

• Confirmation of where you plan on staying during your extension

• Proof of funds of approximately 10,000-20,000thb, just confirming you can support yourself during your stay

   Flexible Terms
   Fully Secured by Property
   Regular Returns Options

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