Visiting Pattaya – Never Been Here Before?

Where Should You Stay?

Assuming you are visiting the wonderful city that is Pattaya for the first time, you need to have some idea of the type of holiday you are seeking and which areas are best suited for your requirements. For example, if you are coming to Pattaya for a chilling, quiet time, possible seeking tranquillity and a bit of solitude, you would not book a hotel in Soi 6, off Pattaya Beach. That would be madness, for it is the complete opposite of what you are looking for.

A little local knowledge goes a long way when deciding where to stay in this vibrant city, a locale that has something for everyone.

We have put together a synopsis, if you like, of what is on offer in the most popular regions of Pattaya, in the hope that it will assist you, when choosing the location for your accommodation and we may even be able to offer assistance on which hotel would be ideally suited for your vacation.

Visiting Pattaya - Never Been Here Before? Where Should You Stay?
Pattaya Beach

Pattaya Beach:

World famous for its amazing nightlife, hotels in the Pattaya Beach area are ideal for those of you who are here for the entertainment. If it is Go-Go bars, sexy hostesses, an abundance of drinking venues, then this is the area for you.

You are close to all the major night clubs and neon lights of Walking Street, have a wide range of restaurants, who serve a diverse array of cuisine, some of a very high quality and some maybe not so good.

The same applies to the hotels and guest house scene. You will discover world class accommodation along the length of Pattaya Beach but if you are on a tighter budget, simply step back a few hundred metres and a wealth of budget style accommodation becomes available. Mind you, many of the so called “cheaper” venues are more than suitable for a fortnight in Pattaya, several offering all the amenities of the grander establishments but at a fraction of the cost.

In addition to the city’s fantastic nightlife, a hotel close to Pattaya Beach opens up many doors for alternative recreation. You will find speedboats by the score, waiting to whisk you off to the islands or a tour of the bay. You will discover amazing thrilling temptations such as parasailing, only a few hundred metres off shore.

Island trips by ferry from Bali Hai are minutes away, where you will find idyllic beaches, wonderful food and many other attractions such as jet skiing or cycling.

And most major tourist attractions are accessible because you are in the heart of the public transport on offer.

You are also close to all the popular shopping malls, cinemas and bowling alleys, which provides additional means of amusement.

Why Stay At Pattaya Beach:

This area is best suited for those of you who enjoy the nightlife and to an extent, a bit of adventure. If you love to drink, socialise and party, this is the place to be. If you like to be close to public transport, be in the vicinity of all that is happening, then book your hotel at Pattaya Beach or surrounding area.

Central Pattaya rarely sleeps, with most bars and so on opening late in the afternoon.

Visiting Pattaya - Never Been Here Before? Where Should You Stay?

Jomtien Beach:

Jomtien is an area located to the south of the city. Many people come to Pattaya and never visit Jomtien or may not even be aware of its existence. But those who decide not to travel the few miles out of Pattaya are missing out on some of the best locations in the city.

Jomtien has miles and miles of sandy beaches, deck chairs and parasols for hire and it is much quieter than the more popular Pattaya Beach. Yet – you will soon learn that Jomtien Beach is packed full of things to do, just on a smaller scale.

For instance, parasailing is available but without the queues. Jet Skis can be hired. Large bananas pulled behind speedboats offer wonderful entertainment and fun for people of all ages. You could take a diving course from one of the suppliers or simply take a boat trip around the bay.

Jomtien is more family orientated. Yes you still have plenty of bars with sexy ladies working in them but they are not so obvious as the venues in Soi 6 or Walking Street, where girls are dancing on poles and standing outside the venues, dressed to thrill, as they try to entire you inside.

That is not the image Jomtien represents. Here you will find quaint, intimate restaurants, aimed at families or couples. You will see lots of markets, selling everything from a baseball cap to a cooked chicken.

The more relaxed atmosphere leads to a slower way of life. People are more chilled and not in such as hurry to get from A to B. The roads are quieter, yet there are alleys galore, which open up to a diverse array of small bars and cafes. You still see the massage shops but there are less of them.

You are within easy access to many of the cities attractions such as the water parks, Nong Nooch Botanical Gardens and The Floating Market.

Many expats have relocated to this area, simply because life here is peaceful but they also know that central Pattaya is a ten minute drive away.

It has a gay area, it has excellent markets, splendid beaches and incorporates outlet malls and supermarkets. Jomtien welcomes people from all walks of life, irrespective of gender, sexuality or style of dress.

The Jomtien area is vast, spread out like a suburban housing district. The hotels are not crammed together. Parking is not at a premium here. Head to the extremities of Jomtien and you could find yourself living in a luxurious hotel with no noise or disturbances for miles around.

Visiting Pattaya - Never Been Here Before? Where Should You Stay?
Jomtien Beach 

Why Stay In Jomtien:

Jomtien is a family orientated zone. It is suitable for people who are looking for a beach holiday or those who wish to do more tourist orientated things. If visiting temples and historic venues is for you, then Jomtien meets the standard.

Accommodation is freely available and again there is the splendour of stylish hotels and resorts but a good range of low cost hotels can also be widely found here. Cost of living for hotels, restaurants and bars, is generally less expensive here too.

If you are on a budget or arriving with your family or partner, then Jomtien is more suited to you.

Getting around is not as easy as it is in Pattaya centre but taxis and taxi motorbikes are always at hand and very affordable. However, you should always agree a price with the driver before commencing your journey.

The area is quieter after nightfall but not dead. There are some excellent music venues offering decent entertainment and bars galore in the small streets or at the Rompho complex.

For those who enjoy keeping fit, you can walk for miles, hours at a time, and always feel safe.

Visiting Pattaya - Never Been Here Before? Where Should You Stay?

 Naklua And North Pattaya:

This area of Pattaya is probably the region that tourist will know little about. However it has some awesome beaches, featuring beautiful sands and has restaurants aplenty to choose from, many offering quality cuisine.

The range of hotels and resorts in this region of the city is more upmarket, hence you will find that life is very much on the slow side in Naklua. Those who are looking for budget accommodation will have to step well back from the beach to find prices comparable with other areas of Pattaya.

Public transport, whilst still available, is harder to locate, for much of the housing here plays home to Thai people.

It does however host one of the cities best tourist attractions known as “The Sanctuary of Truth”, which is a must visit location.

North Pattaya is best suited for families, retired people or those who do not mind spending a little bit extra for quality hotels and tranquillity.

Visiting Pattaya - Never Been Here Before? Where Should You Stay?

Why Stay In Naklua:

It is peaceful, easy going, more traditional and miles away from the neon lights of Walking Street. If you desire a serene location, where you can relax in quiet environment, then book a hotel here.

If you like to be in bed by midnight, you are not a party goer, a drinker or wish to avoid the club scene, then this is for you.

Glorious beaches, tranquil walking and quiet streets are the name of the game in this area.

However, be prepared to travel should you wish a night out till the early hours of the morning or want to visit many of the city’s tourist attractions.

Visiting Pattaya - Never Been Here Before? Where Should You Stay?

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