What does Grande Centre Point Pattaya have to Offer?

So i’m sure you are aware that Terminal 21 Pattaya has opened it’s doors but did you know there was a hotel inside with some awesome new facilities?

Here’s a glimpse at some of the new cool facilities Grande Cantre Point Hotel Pattaya located inside Terminal 21 Pattaya has to offer.

The Sky 32 Restaurant & Bar

Surprised with the beautiful view. And delicious food. The Sky32 is a hidden gem in the heart of Pattaya. You will be amazed at the 360 ​​degree view of Pattaya Bay, and the evening light and the evening light of Pattaya City, surrounded by the indoor and outdoor seating where you can relax with the sea breezes and the light. Stars will be dinner, dinner or a light meal. Watch the sunset with the glittering lights of the city, cut to the edge of the blue sea. Whether you are a couple.

The sky 32 restaurant

The Sky 32 is a romantic restaurant. Filled with delicious food and drinks. Here you will enjoy the pleasure. Sit looking at the sky gradually. Change color from blue to the most beautiful dark blue. Under the night sky of Pattaya Bay.

The sky 32 restaurant

Start your day at The Sky 32 with an American breakfast buffet, located on the 32nd floor. Opening hours: Breakfast 06: 00-10: 30. Dinner is served 17: 00-24: 00. Casual Dress code

Please note* Grand Center Point Pattaya does not have alcoholic beverages. However, the hotel. Allows you to import your own. Without opening fees

The Amphitheater

If you are looking for an outdoor venue. The best choice at this time is the Ampitheater. Meet the challenge in all forms of events. Whether for formal or private parties. With open space on the roof. Spacious courtyard courtyard. Surrounded by a staircase, it is an amphitheater. In the midst of the sky, light, natural wind The backdrop is a beautiful panoramic view of Pattaya City in an amazing angle. Can see the most out of the city.

The AmphitheaterThe Amphitheater Ideal for partying, BBQ, BBQ, seafood, windsurfing in the evening. Attendees can choose to sit back and relax. On the back seat of the Big Ben or sitting at the stage amphitheater. From here, just steps away. It is the location of the meeting room. And the facilities of the hotel.

The Amphitheater

Make your outdoor event easier than you think. Just contact our planning team today at 033-168999 ext. 4461.

The Sky Bridge

Enjoy the sea air as cool wind blows through your hair.

Sky Bridge

Sky Bridge, open air view. Exit to the north side of the hotel. The 180 degree viewing angle gives you a sense of standing on a cloud. With cool breeze It is the first sky bridge of Pattaya. At an altitude of 30 meters from the ground.

Sky Bridge 2

Sky Brides is a paradise for the followers of the Instagram. Do not miss to take a picture of Pattaya City and the sea around the most beautiful. You can also watch the light show. Take the plane From the Terminal 21 Pattaya Shopping Center.

The Sky Bridge

The Brides Lounge is located in the service area of ​​the F class hotel next to The Globe and Sky Bridges. The Brides Lounge is part of the public area. It is not difficult to use as a private venue.

The Bridge Lounge

Ideal for organizing A pre-dinner cocktail party or coffee or lunch will give the opportunity for three attendees to transform the atmosphere outside of the meeting room. It is also suitable for barbecue parties. Grilled in a group of friends. However, here it is possible to adjust the space to suit the personal events you may already have in mind.

The Bridge Lounge

You can consult our planning team today at 033-168999 ext 4461.

Water Park

Come and experience the new fun with the sky garden that meets all needs, whether children or adults can not afford to park the sky. The lively heart of Pattaya City is located on Terminal 21 Pattaya Shopping Center, where guests can swim. Or just sit back and relax with your loved ones. The giant pool of water and the space base allow you to play with your friends and play all day long.

Swimming Pool water park

The atmosphere is fun. And cool water in the garden. The hotel provides an area for guests who love to sit and chill. Have a drink at the poolside at The Pool. In the outdoor jacuzzi Relax comfortably. Go with the jacuzzi bubble. To help relieve muscle aches and muscle aches.

Swimming Pool water park

The water park also has premium area to serve you and your loved ones. There is a private area to relax in the private cabana at the water park, where each cabana is comfortable with a set of chairs for 2 persons.

Pool Bar Cabana

Even in the evening. How good are you to relax with the close-up view of the horizon? Another highlight that many people still do not know. The infinity edge swimming pool is the perfect place to enjoy the sea view around Pattaya Bay. It is also a beautiful sunset spot with another.

Located on Floor F, Open daily from 07:00 – 20:00 hrs. Secured by the Life Card team at all times. Children pool available from 07:00 – 20:00. Pool Bar & Pool Services 07: 00 – 20:00

Pool Side Bar

The pool site is located by the pool. The area is curved around the water park and pools are lined with sun loungers. By the Globe Located right behind. Looks beautiful and charming. Guests can relax in the cozy atmosphere. While still able to watch the children. They are having fun in the water park together.

Pool Bar

Enjoy Snack menu Non-alcoholic drinks such as fruit juice, soft drinks, mocktails Or order a set of snack baskets with afternoon tea set. Let’s eat at the pool, which in the basket contains the perfect size sandwich. Freshly baked bread and desserts

Pool Bar2

facilities: Wireless internet, Snacks and drinks, Sun beds and towels are provided. Location: Floor F. Open daily from 10:30 to 18:00

Waves & Wind Restaurant

Waves & Winds is the main dining room of the hotel, open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here is a list of international dishes. And local food to serve you.

Waves & Wind

Design & Decoration The Wave & Wind Restaurant was inspired by the famous Fisherman’s Manor. Beautifully decorated interior. Feel comfortable It also has a modern touch. Blend of the sea. Is unique Open kitchen. So you can enjoy the chef’s and team’s cooking skills. During eating

Waves & Wind 2

F Class Location, Open Daily breakfast : 06: 00-10: 30. Enjoy all day: every day: 12: 00-22: 00. Seafood Buffet: Saturday: From 17:00 to 22:00


The food served at Wave & Wind is made from natural ingredients. No additives. And all the dishes, no MSG.

Kids Club

Let’s have fun with the activities. Swap each other to play coloring game.

Kids Club

Kid’s Heaven Club Decorated in Theme The Adventures of a Pirate Ship The club has fun games. And many activities for children to rest with us all areas, taking into consideration safety is important. For parents to rest and relax without worry.

Kids Club 2

Location: 8th floor. Open from 08:00 to 18:00. Age: 3-12 years *Please note that children who come to the service must have a guardian at all times.

Entertainment Zone

Challenge and have fun together. With leisure activities And many players such as air hockey table. Snooker table, pool table, football table Helps you enjoy. The Entertainment Zone is located in the building next to The Phiboon Club, welcoming all guests. Free of charge.

Entertaiment Zone 2

Let’s Relax Spa

The stay is perfect. If not to do spa. And massage. Say hello to the hustle and bustle of the hustle and bustle on the street below. Then enjoy the spa treatment. The spa staff specializes in massage. The atmosphere is calm and calm waiting for you.


Let’s Relax Massage Spa combines many therapies with Thai massage techniques. Merged Stretching the muscles And reflexology techniques. Including polishing. With high quality natural products. Aromatherapy Massage


Location: 1st floor. Opening hours: 10:00 – 24:00 hrs. (Last treatment 22:00) For more information or reservations, please call 033 168 999 ext. 4040.

Have a Memorable Experience at Grande Centre Point Hotel located inside Terminal 21 Pattaya.



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