What to Do in Pattaya in 2 Days

Imagine if you came to Pattaya for just 48 hours – what should you see and what would you do with time? You don’t have to do much research on the internet to realise that Pattaya has so many different attractions, great restaurants and of course, it famous vibrant nightlife. There is also a wide selection of shops, not to mention the beaches that stretch from Naklua in the north to Bang Saray in the south. The problem is in just 48 hours you need prioritise just what you want to see and do. This short guide will help you to get the best out of your short stay.

In our guide we have tried to recommend the ‘must see’ attractions, the ones you would be disappointed to later find out that you had missed. It is certainly not a definitive guide but it is a great starting point as you start to put your plans together. To help make sure that you waste as little time as possible, we have grouped together different attractions by their locations and their proximity to each other. This means that you will spend less time travelling and more time getting the most out of your visit.

Day 1 in Pattaya

Daytime – Something Just That Little Bit Different
Probably Pattaya’s most iconic landmark is the Sanctuary of Truth, a hand carved wooden structure that was commissioned back in 1981 and is due for completion in 2050. It is said to represent Eastern Philosophy and is not associated with any religion. From there you could on to visit some of the city’s more unusual museums such as the Teddy Bear Museum, Art In Paradise – an interactive, modern thinking, art museum and Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!

Once you have done your trekking around the museums you should go to the Big Buddha at Wat Phra Yai and take in the panoramic views across Pattaya and Jomtien. If you still feel like you need some exercise, the park at the foot of Wat Phra Yai is great for walking around and has some fairly basic fitness equipment if you are looking to keep fit!

Of course, Pattaya has some magnificent shopping centres that you can’t fail to pass on your journey from the Sanctuary of Truth to the Big Buddha. On Pattaya Beach Road you will go past Central Festival, Mike’s Shopping Mall and Royal Garden Plaza – all of which are mainstays of designer shopping in Pattaya. There are plenty of places to eat in these places so you can add this into your plans.

Evening – Showtime!
Pattaya is blessed with having a superb selection of shows so there will be something that captures your imagination. Why not spend the end of the first day taking in not one but two different shows? We recommend going along to the world famous Tiffany’s, a ladyboy cabaret show that is family friendly and a wonderful spectacle. The show lasts around an hour but this will leave you the chance to go along to Pattaya Boxing World and see professional Muay Thai boxers in action. This is nothing like the amateur ‘brawls’ in Walking Street, these are fighters competing for world titles.

Day 2 in Pattaya

Daytime – A Little History and a Spot Of Nature!
If you head south from Jomtien towards Sattahip on the Sukhumvit Road you will come to the ever popular and award winning Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Gardens. Having won numerous prizes around the world, Nong Nooch is something that you really need to see as the gardens are inspired by Tropical Garden around the globe. In the close proximity, you will also find Buddha Mountain and the Silverlake Vineyard. At the same location, you will also see Thailand’s largest waterpark, Ramayana.

Also in the area to the south of Jomtien, you will come across Pattaya Floating Market and Mimosa that offer family fun and entertainment along with plenty of shopping opportunities. Some attractions that are not as well known include the impressive Wat Yansangwararam and Viharn Sien and these are well worth paying a visit to.

Evening Time – Party Time!
You simply couldn’t go to Pattaya without experiencing the nightlife – after all this is arguably what the city is famous for. Depending on what you are looking for LK Metro, off Soi Buakhao, or Walking Street are options that you will need to consider. Walking Street is home to many of the city’s best nightclubs along with hundreds of beer bars and the ever popular go-go bars that are sure to get the pulses racing in any red-blooded male.

Where to Stay
By its very nature, a 2-day stay in Pattaya will mean that you need to find somewhere to spend the night. Pattaya has everything from hostels to upmarket 5-star hotels so there is something for every budget. You may have an idea or where you wish to stay already or you may be completely flexible. Regardless of what you want, you can be totally confident that you will be able to find it in Pattaya. Most hotels are ‘guest’ friendly but it may be an idea to confirm this first if that is part of your plans.

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