Where To Stay in Pattaya

Pattaya is a city by the sea. Visitors come from all corners of the globe to soak up its day time and night time delights.

It is estimated that the city receives over 4 million overseas tourists every year, with a further 750,000 Thai visitors making Pattaya one of the top destinations in the kingdom.

With this many people coming and going on holiday or business you need a lot of places for them to stay. Pattaya is home to literally thousands of Hotels, hostels, Guesthouses and resorts they coming in all shapes and sizes and offer a myriad of different amenities and services.

If you’re someone who is looking to get out into the city and you just need a place to leave your belongings and crash out, maybe a guesthouse would be more suited to you.

If you are a person of leisure and you need somewhere to rest and relax in peaceful surroundings, one of Pattayas many beachside resorts would be just the ticket. Avid golfer or angler? The city has loads of hotels and apartments located next-to and on many of the golf courses and fishing lakes that are dotted around in the surrounding countryside. They is something for absolutely everyone.

Scroll down to see our categories tabs click on one and it will take you to our massive selection of accommodation, with more being added every day.

Take your time and follow the links to book your ideal place to stay!

Pattaya Hotels


Pattaya is Thailand’s largest resort town and is a modern and ever-expanding city. Its location, only two hours from Bangkok on the eastern seaboard makes it a popular holiday destination for both foreign and Thai visitors.

Guest House & Resorts


Looking for a Pattaya Guesthouse? If you’re after beautifully appointed accommodation, with a great atmosphere for a reasonable price then LOVEPATTAYA suggest you check-in one of the hundreds of guesthouses in the city.

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