Tired of your usual boring chicken noodles but yet cannot live without noodles? Then it is high time to try something different. Order yen ta fo!

Yen ta fo is a real gem in the realm of Thai soups: it has noodles, it contains a great variety of ingredients, it looks cool. A definite must-try!

Yen ta fo was one of the first ‘unusual’ Thai dishes which I tasted on my first visit to Pattaya. I was attracted by a strange crimson colour of the broth – you know, in Russia it is inevitably associated with borsch.

Yen ta fo: your fancy bowl of noodles!

So I could not miss an opportunity to taste its Asian version.

Two star ingredients of yen ta fo which are responsible for its colour, are a sour and spicy sauce made of red fermented bean curd and chili paste.

The darker the colour, the spicier the soup is, so beware if your soup makes you think of ripe raspberries. Apart from the colour, there is much more to explore in your yen ta fo.

Yen ta fo: your fancy bowl of noodles!

You will most probably find there blood cubes and fish or meat balls, pork skin and snow fungus, squid tentacles or crab sticks – or whatever the chef fancies to add in this particular bowl – together with some greens with morning glory being the most popular choice.

If you do not specify which kind of noodles you would like to have, your yen ta fo most probably will come with sen yai, i.e. wide rice noodles. Start with sen yai, and the next time ask for glass noodles – just to compare. Add a bit of sugar and enjoy.

For those who prefer to cook at home, there are ready-made yen ta fo sauces – find them in Tesco or Big C. And for lazybones instant yen ta fo noodles are widely available, too.

Bon appétit!

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